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What is a Property/ Land Survey?

A survey is a set of drawing to establish the property’s legal boundaries, establish key site measurements and levels and includes comments on the condition of the structures located on the site. A survey lays a baseline for the structure of the property be it a house, wall, or shed that provides essential data for the next stages of the construction process.

The data from the reports are then used by building designers, draftsmen & architects to understand the landscape and create designs that address the site conditions. Engineers will also use this information to plan any structural requirements to make sure a building is safe. If you are planning on building a new home or significantly renovating an existing property, or subdividing land, then you would require land and property surveying. The benefit of conducting a property survey will highlight all the major defects that need attention and requires fixing.

The professionals who conduct surveys are Land Surveyors.

Who is a Surveyor and what do they do?

A property or land surveyors lay the foundation of information for the building professionals to design and develop plans that suit your requirements.

Surveyors play a major role when it comes to constructing a new building or renovating an existing property and are often the first people on the construction site or property. They are experts in determining land size, measurements and for gathering other topological data essential for your project to proceed. The surveyor provides advice and guidance to architects, engineers, geologists, and developers based on their reports.

When do I need a Land Surveyor?

Understanding your property’s landscape is a very important and crucial part of any construction process, be it a new home build or renovating an existing property. Accurately measuring the property’s dimensions and topography of property is key to comply with building and planning codes. 

If you are planning for a structural renovation project that requires building new rooms or extensions or subdividing your block, you will need a professional licensed land surveyor to make sure what you wanted to achieve is within the guidelines. 

It is also important to understand the land zoning that allows different land uses to be conducted. A property or land surveyors will gather information on zoning, maximum and minimum land size for subdivision, to determine accurate boundary lines and topographic heights of your project.

Homebuyers arrange for a survey after the offer has been accepted by the seller.

How Can Superdraft Help You?

Superdraft can help organise and coordinate with your local land surveyors and other consultants you will require for your project needs. 

When you are ready to start your dream project using the Superdraft project coordination platform, one of our Project Support team member will aid you by assessing your project requirements and match you with the right property surveyor suitable for your project. We will also help you by connecting you with the best building designers, draftsmen, engineers & builders.

Superdraft can also help organise the following Surveying Solutions:

  • Feature Surveys – For use in council applications, design and planning drawings for new buildings, renovations, extensions and fences.
  • Measure Ups – for creating accurate floor plans of existing as-built conditions.
  • 3D Scanning – for creating a 3D model of your existing property for use in 3D Design Processes.
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