Sustainable Design

Sustainable & energy-efficient design is the key to building smart, modern home designs. Get connected with building designers that specialise in sustainable design.


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Why is sustainable home design important?

1. Cost Savings

Energy-efficient, sustainable design can reduce living costs by minimising the need for expensive heating and cooling systems, improving water efficiency, and reducing electrical usage.

2. Comfortable Living

Homes that incorporate an energy-efficient design are designed specifically for their site and their climate which ensures that they maintain a comfortable temperature and optimum ventilation year-round without being reliant on excessive air conditioning or heating systems.

3. Healthier Home

Green homes have a healthier indoor air quality due to improved natural light and ventilation. This can be further improved by specifying Low Voc materials during construction.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Incorporating good design principles such as efficient lighting designs, greywater systems, and solar systems can reduce the strain the running of a household has on the environment.

How does sustainable home designs save me money?

Energy-efficient homes cost less to run year on year when compared to less efficient homes. The best way to improve the efficiency of your home is to incorporate Passive Solar Design in your design right from the start.

Passive Solar Design uses a combination of smart window placement, window sizing, shading and thermal mass to control the internal temperatures of the home without the need for excessive use for air conditioning and heating systems.

How Can Superdraft Help You?

Superdraft helps you coordinate with the right building designers and consultants, to enable you to achieve a home design that is sustainable and energy-efficient.

When you are ready to start your dream project using the Superdraft project coordination platform, one of our Project Support team member will aid you by assessing your project requirements and help you connect with the right building designer to get you the best design plans for your project, on time and on budget. 

Once you are satisfied with the design plans, we will help you connect with the best engineers, draftsmen, builders to initiate your dream project and coordinate with you till the completion of the project.  

To get started we can provide you with a free quote for your project. Start planning your dream project today!

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