Superdraft provides all clients with a Free Tender Service which will save you time, stress and thousands of dollars.


Superdraft’s tendering service will save you thousands of $$ when you have your building plans drawn by Superdraft.


Due to our nationwide volume of work we are able to offer you with 100% certainty, 100% Price Guarantee in writing that we will negotiate and obtain you a building price 10% minimum better than you or anyone else can obtain from your own builders, on your job when you use the Option 2 service (contact us for details). Every month we see many jobs where clients quotes are 20% higher than the quotes that our building network can provide.


QUALITY BUILDERS. The quality builders we approach are paramount and demanded by us to deliver “quality building work and excellent customer service” to all our clients. If builders want access to our volume of building work every month they must protect our promise to all our clients under construction to secure future work.