26 February 2020

10 Designer Tips for a Stylish Modern Home Office

You deserve more than a chair and table shoved into a corner. Here’s how to make a stylish, modern home office.
stylish modern home office

Every busy homeowner deserves more than a table and chair shoved in a corner for an office. Here, we’ll help you design a stylish modern home office where you want to stay to work, and be productive.

Find the right location

If a home office is essential in your life, plan it from the very beginning. Make room for it and make sure its in the planning drawings of your new home/renovation project. This way, you’ll have a roomy place where you can work from home, run your business, or simply organise bills and important papers.

More than aesthetics, working with a professional designer helps you find the right location for your home office. They take into account the factors you often miss such as foot traffic, noise from neighbours/other rooms, and other distractions.

Take a look at this spacious home office which is separated from the rest of the house. A self-contained office space like this is essential for it heightens your productivity.

Prioritise ergonomics and functionality

Everything in your home office — your chair, work desk, storage, etc., should serve you. So, before buying furniture, think about your workflow and the furniture pieces you need to work properly. Make a list before you go shopping. For a more cohesive look, purchase pieces which follow the style you want to achieve. 

Invest in a back-friendly chair

If you see yourself working for hours, better invest in an ergonomic chair which allows you to sit comfortably. Here’s a retro chair which suits this small home office.

Try coloured walls

If you’re tired of white or beige walls, try splashing colour in your home office wall. There are no rules to follow when choosing wall colours. It’s up to you if you want to go with dark or pastel colours. But if you are going with a darker wall colour (like the featured room below), make sure that the office is well-lit so it won’t feel dull.

Make use of the precious view

Maximise the stunning view from your windows. Having a glimpse of a beautiful garden, lake, or the city’s skyline is far better than looking at a blank wall. (Trust us ?

Take a look at this office for two. It has a window where you can see the treetops (and the lovely golden autumn leaves before they fall).In this office, the windows have roller blinds which block the sun’s rays in case it gets too extreme. If your office happens to be a windowless room, hang artwork or photos that you find inspirational. Position the chair to face the door as well.

Personalise it, own it

Add your personal touch to your home office’s design to make it feel homey. Here’s an example of an artist’s office. Check out the pretty floral decorations and the small cork board filled with photos and sticky notes. These small design elements make the office chic, fun, and exciting.

Create vertical and horizontal storage

Storage is a vital element in a home office. Make sure you have enough of it to beat the clutter. If your space isn’t that huge, consider clever storage solutions such as floating shelves, baskets, trays, or invest in furniture pieces with built-in storage. 

Try to hide the cords

If you want to make your home office more organised, hide the unsightly cords. Place all your electronic devices closer to the outlets, so the wires don’t need to travel a long way. Feed the cords into a desk grommet and use cord winders, tubes, or wire organizers to keep them from getting disorganised. 

Let the light in

The lack of daylighting in the office is the number one culprit behind eye strain and headaches while working. To be productive in the office, make sure that the room receives plenty of daylight. Position your monitor against the window or any source of light to void glare. And, get a desk lamp to brighten your workspace.

Inspire yourself

Got no clue on how to start? Look up inspirational photos of home offices online. You will see a lot of stylish modern home office designs from Google Images, Pinterest, Instagram, Facecbook, etc. 

Once you’re done designing your office, take a photo of it, and share with your friends online. Who knows? You might inspire them to set-up their own work space at home. Want to make your stylish modern home office more suitable for two or more working adults in your house? Check out our guide to designing shared home offices.

Tell us about your project and our pro designers will contact you shortly!

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