10 Signs You Should Avail End-to-End Design Services

Find out whether it pays to engage a company that helps you design and build your project.
10 Signs You Should Avail End-to-End Architectural Services

In the beginning of every project, homeowners need to decide whether they should build a home the traditional way (a.k.a. hire a separate designer and builder), or avail end-to-end design services

Many homeowners today choose the latter option because it is easier to work with one company from the beginning until the end of the project. 

It is also a better option especially for people who will renovate or build a new home for the first time. Firms that offer design-build services can guide the clients through the process, and help them in every step of the way. 

Are you wondering if you should hire a firm who can help you design and build your project? Keep reading to find out. 

1. You want a seamless design-build process

Because design and construction professionals are from the same company, the transition from the design phase to construction becomes seamless. The designers and builders already know each other and might have worked on a few projects before. There is no need to stress yourself because these two professionals work closely together. They already established a strong working relationship, which is advantageous for you. 

2. You want to work with specialists

Let's say you want to build a truly sustainable and energy-efficient home

You wouldn’t just hire anybody for the job… You would want to work with designers, builders, and other sub-contractors who specialise or have experience in this type of project.

If you plan to hire each pro separately, prepare to meticulously screen each candidate. It might take weeks before you make a decision.

However, if you decide to design and build your project with a single company, you don’t need to search for the specialists you need yourself. The company will provide you with the best designer, builders, and consultants for the job.

And, because the design and construction professionals are on the same team and together early in the process, you know that all of them are working together to give you a home that you will love. 

3. Your project timeline is short

Disagreement and conflict between the designer and builder slow down a project. When you work with a firm that offers both services, you have an option to work with one team who can finish the job faster. You also avoid delays and rework which increases construction costs.

4. You want to work with a dynamic team

Every project has three key players: the client (you), the designer, and the builder. For the project to succeed, everyone must work together as a team. Avoid “us versus them” or “two against one” mentality. We all want the same things: to finish the project on time and to create a home that you will love.

When you work with one company from the beginning until the end, and the design and construction professionals have a good relationship, there is no need to worry. You know that the builders will get the latest plans from the designer, and the designer will immediately address any problem raised by the builders. You are sure that all construction issues get addressed from the get-go. 

5. You don’t want to get lost in a disagreement

When there's a major disagreement between the builder and the designer and they don't have a good working relationship with each other, expect things to go south. 

Sadly, the clients often get stuck between the two arguing professionals, with no idea who and what to believe. 

Worse, the project remains on hold because the people you rely on to bring your project to reality are busy pointing fingers at each other. 

When you avail the end-to-end services of a design firm, there is less chances for this to happen. When your designer and builder have a good relationship, you get to build the home the way it's designed and issues get resolved peacefully.

6. You want to minimise risks

Nobody can promise you a conflict-free building, but you can minimise the trouble when something goes wrong. When you work with one company, you put all the legal responsibilities on design errors and defective construction with one firm.  

7. You want your renovation to go smoothly

Renovating a home is more challenging than building a new home. Things will get harder if you hire multiple people from different companies. Think of the organisational, logistical, and emotional challenges of negotiating multiple contracts. Think of the struggles when dealing with individuals with different personalities and conflicting ideas. Trust us, this will give you a tremendous headache. 

The process is easier when you decide to work with a firm who can handle everything under one contract. You can eliminate a lot of the guesswork and the unnecessary push-and-pull (which happen often to people who hire separate design and construction professionals). 

8. You want to stay on your budget

Budgeting is one of a homeowner's top priorities. Everyone wants to save money on construction. On the contrary, nobody wants to go over their budget. 

If you follow the traditional design-bid-build process, you invite multiple builders to bid/quote your project after the design phase. In some cases, the homeowners find the cost of construction crazy higher than expected. Sometimes, they receive cheaper quotations which make them think they're saving money on construction. 

However, a lot of other factors can pull the total and final construction costs up. 

For instance, poor communication between the designer and builder can wreak havoc on your budget

When the builder is involved early, your designer and your builder can work together and help you alter the design and keep the build within your budget. 

9. You want to build and live in a green, sustainable home

As mentioned earlier, there are design and construction professionals who specialise in green building. What you can do is look for a firm with expertise in this area and offer end-to-end design services. They can help you complete a new build, renovation, addition, or extension that involves green/sustainable building methods and principles.

10. You feel overwhelmed from the process

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when faced with the challenges and difficulties of building a new home. However, choosing to avail end-to-end design services can help you simplify the process and reduce the stress brought by project management. 

The ideal solution 

Homeowners who find a designer and find a builder separately and don’t look at the two as a team is a recipe for disaster. Good thing, there are firms which aim to be a person's one-stop-shop when it comes to designing and building. 

Are you planning to engage a firm’s end-to-end design services? 

If you are, we can help you. 

Apart from our expert design and drafting services, we can help you build your project. We are partners with the best local builders in every state. 

When you choose to engage Superdraft’s design and build services, you will experience: 

  • a simplified design and build process
  • working with a team with a dynamic design and construction professionals
  • partnership with a firm that can help you manage your construction budget, and more.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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