10 things you need to know before building a new wardrobe

Are you thinking about building a new wardrobe in your master bedroom or other bedrooms of your house, but don’t know where to begin?
feng shui 10 things you need to know before building a new wardrobe

Are you thinking about building a new wardrobe in your master bedroom or other bedrooms of your house, but don’t know where to begin?

Make your bedroom more functional and stylish. Here are ten things that an expert designer want you to know before you start:

1. Why build a walk-in wardrobe?

A walk-in wardrobe gives you a spot to get dressed in private. Install a door and close the area, or hide the wardrobe in a nook or inlet. 

Second, you don’t need to buy a lot of furniture to create storage in the bedroom. A well-designed walk-in wardrobe provides more storage. A great designer knows how to maximize every inch of vertical space, whether that means floor-to-ceiling shelves, tiered rods, or a combination of both with some smart extras.

10 things you need to know before building a new wardrobe

2. Do walk-in wardrobes cost more than reach-in closets?  

Based on experience, a walk-in or walk-through closet is most cost-efficient. It’s a small space with exposed cabinetry, which can be easier to build than a reach-in closet.  

3. How much space do I need for a walk-in wardrobe?

For a basic walk-in wardrobe, design experts recommend a floor space of about 2.5 x 1.5 metres with doors that open wide. The walkway should be in the middle, so you can build floor-to-ceiling storage on your left and right.  

10 things you need to know before building a new wardrobe

Need help building a walk-in wardrobe like this in ACT and surrounding regions? Contact our Canberra-based designers.

4. What is the best way to illuminate the walk-in wardrobe?

Most walk-in closets have no windows for privacy purposes so install artificial lighting that produces little to no heat. Keep your clothes in a safe distance from the light to avoid damage and fire. Otherwise, a cleverly placed skylight can help during the day time – just be wary of sunlight affecting the quality of your clothing and other items. 

For a luxurious feel, install LED accent lights as shown in this wardrobe:

5. What if I have no space for a walk-in wardrobe? Is there an alternative? 

Consider building a reach-in wardrobe. Reach-ins, when designed and built right, make a small room feel larger. They don’t take up so much floor space unlike freestanding cabinets.

If you are planning to build a reach-in closet, consider installing sliding doors instead of the regular ones that open outwards. Mirrored doors help make a room appear larger too.

6. How do you plan the storage systems inside the wardrobe?

A great designer ensures that your wardrobe addresses your needs. Before we plan the layout, we ask our client about what they plan to store in the wardrobe. Do you need plenty of room for hanging clothes? Do you need open shelves to stack folded clothes? What else are you planning to keep in your wardrobe? How many drawers do you need? We plan according to the information we have about you. 

7. How can I maximise the space in my wardrobe now?

Here in Superdraft, we are advocates of regular decluttering. Do not hold on to or keep the things/clothes that you no longer wear. 

Here, you can see that open shelves are efficient and allow you to see what you have. You don’t want to overcrowd them. Put these within your reach, with drawers underneath.  

8. What is the best way to store accessories?

Shelves like this are great for storing your designer shoes:

Shallow drawers and pull-out trays are perfect for jewellery and watches. 

Hooks are ideal for storing scarves and small sling bags. 

Open shelves are great for storing your bags and more. 

9. Do wardrobes need ventilation?

Yes, to keep the clothes fresh. You don’t want them to smell musty, like they’ve been stored for a long time. Allow sufficient space between the clothes you hang to allow air to circulate. 

Your walk-in closet must be ventilated like any room in your home. 

10. How do I create a more luxurious wardrobe?

It’s all about using high-quality materials, fixtures and fittings. Here, the designer created additional storage and display space using an armchair and an oversized mirror. 

There’s a way to create a luxurious wardrobe with a basic, mid-range or high-end budget. Talk to your designer about the vibe or look you want to achieve and be open about your budget. You should work hand-in-hand to make this project successful.

Superdraft is available to help you with all aspects of your home renovation or new home project. Schedule a call with our design consultants today.

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