12 things to love in classic Hamptons kitchens

Let’s count the things that make classic Hamptons kitchens irresistible and charming in the eyes of an Aussie homeowner.
5 Things That You’ll Love in this Hamptons Style Kitchen

When you want a home that looks cool and chic all year ‘round, consider Hamptons style home interiors. Give all the rooms in your house this relaxed coastal vibe that’s timeless and elegant. You won’t regret your decision, especially when you start using the busy areas of the house. For instance, classic Hamptons kitchens are casual, refined, and built-to-last.

The formula to achieve classic Hamptons style kitchens

When you plan to build a Hamptons kitchen, consider introducing these lovely design elements. These are the hallmarks of this classic beauty:

Old world architecture

Classic Hamptons style kitchens celebrate pitched ceilings, hardwood floors, timber sarking (walls and ceiling), pale walls, exposed beams, and massive doors and windows.

If your home possesses these architectural features, go for Hamptons interiors.

White paint

Most Hamptons style homes are white. Homeowners who love a clean and serene home always fall in love with this style.

But, not all white interiors are the same. There are different shades of white paint and each one gives a different vibe. For example, cool white paint gives off a modern while antique white makes a room look aged. READ: 8 Shades of White Paint for 8 Different Effects

Wood flooring

Dark, honey warm, and pale wooden floors suit Hamptons kitchens. All of those look good so whatever your preference is, it will work. Dark floors will create a beautiful contrast with the white interiors. Rich brown floors will warm it up. While the pale floors will make it look like a beach house.

Shaker style cabinets

This cabinet style is popular in Hamptons kitchen because these are solid and very traditional looking. The frame around the panel, this detail, is an unmissable element in this interior style. 

Grey, blue, or green

These are the best alternatives to white cabinetry. Why? Because these colours reflect the colours of the ocean. These colours come from nature.

However, refrain from using flashy shades of these colours. Go for dark or muted tones.

Marble benchtops

Marble is beautiful countertop material. It’s timeless and luxurious! Hamptons kitchens usually go for white or grey marble. When choosing a marble countertop, look at the veining as well. If you want large bold veins, go for Calacatta marble. If you want a more subtle look, go for Carrara marble.

In case marble countertops are way out of your budget, consider using white engineered quartz, sintered stone, or solid surfaces. These materials often come with marble-like veins. They mimic the look of the luxurious stone from afar.

Butcher blocks

Wood is another benchtop option in Hamptons style kitchens. Its natural beauty, tactile, and an organic look is perfect in an all-white kitchen.

A little warning tho. Not all wood species can be used as butcher blocks. Use wood that can withstand high levels of moisture and heat. 

Ceramic tile splashback

There’s no limit to the design of the splashbacks. You are free to use square, penny rounds, hexagonal, or subway tiles. Tho in Hamptons kitchens, the splashbacks are not too colourful or attention-grabbing. 

Ornate bar stools

Bar stools tucked under the kitchen island complete the look of Hamptons kitchens. Choose the ones made from natural materials like wood, wicker, or bamboo. If not, go for white pieces.

Vintage or oversized pendant lights

This is the perfect way to accentuate the room’s high ceilings or to add to the drama to the room. Pendant light fixtures made of metal, woven material, fabrics, or ceramic will work.

Open shelving with baskets

Open wall shelves are a great way to display your beautiful kitchenware and glasses. But, these are prone to clutter and disorganization. To keep everything in order, we recommend using woven baskets. Store all the small unsightly items here to control the clutter.

Coastal decor

Classic Hamptons kitchens are casual, refined, elegant, and coastal-inspired. Go ahead, display decorations that remind you of the beach. 

So… Are you a fan of classic Hamptons kitchens?

Which of these design ideas would you like to incorporate in your coastal-inspired home? Tell us in the comments section below. Our Brisbane-based building designers are experts in creating these homes. Reach out to us and tell us about your project. Liked this article? Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.



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