12 tips for styling up a cosy minimalist room

Minimalism is still one of the go-to styles of young, Aussie homeowners. Here’s how you style cozy minimalist rooms.
cozy minimalist rooms

Minimalism is still one of the go-to styles of Aussie homeowners who want clean and subtle interiors. Like you, we adore this style too. When done right, this can give you a home with calming, inviting, and relaxing interiors. To help you out, here are our tips and tricks for designing cozy minimalist rooms, plus photos to show you how easy it is to do.

1. Paint your walls white or light pastels

Busy walls are distracting. Paint your walls using white or any light pastel coloured paint. Decorative wallpapers are great alternatives to paint, just opt for one with subtle designs and earth-toned colours. 

Take a look at this minimalist, Nordic style bedroom designed by our Adelaide designers. The white walls ensure the room’s ambience is perfect for rest and sleep.

2. Pop colour in the room using furniture and decor

There are days when your all-white room feels cold and clinical. Style it up and pop some colours in the room. Use cool greys, blues, greens, or even your favourite colour to give life to a white room.

One of our favourite ways is to introduce dark colours like this sofa and matching drapery. This adds drama to your minimalist room.

Here, the designers put a mustard sofa and a teal side table against a white brick wall. The decorations added subtle colours in the room as well.  

3. Add visually pleasing textures

Texture keeps the room from looking dull. It is highly recommended to add texture in a room through your walls, furniture, and accessories. 

If you have a brick wall, paint it with white to highlight its texture. The white paint heightens the texture of the wall, as you can see in the featured photo above. 

Another fantastic option is to use high-quality wallpaper that seem textured, like this blonde or whitewashed wood wallpaper featured in this bedroom: 

4. Go for low furniture pieces

Low furniture pieces like sofas and tables are perfect in cozy minimalist rooms for these make a room feel more laid-back and casual. Take a close look at this small living room. Notice how the low furniture pieces give this area a relaxed vibe. The height of the furniture also helps open up the space and makes the room feel larger because the ceiling seems higher. Also, the simplicity of the furniture suits the clean and streamlined look you’re going for.

5. Learn the art of scale

When everything around you is simple, the next thing you notice is the size, scale, and colour of the things around you. For instance, you notice the matte black pendant fixtures are the first thing you see in this white minimalist kitchen. The designer of this kitchen obviously wanted to make a powerful visual statement.

6. Less is more

All minimalist rooms feature very little furniture and decoration. Even a home office, which is a busy place, must be kept clean. No extra disturbing decor allowed to help you focus on your work.

7. Hide things from plain sight

The kitchen is one of the hardest areas in the house to practice minimalism. The first thing you should do is hide all the random stuff and appliances on your benchtops. Those things need to be out of your sight, so you can appreciate the beauty of your kitchen even more. Come up with a clever way to organise your stuff in your drawers, cabinets, cupboards, baskets, and storage bins. If you need help, read our guide to an efficient pantry organization

8. Install floating shelves

Instead of buying a freestanding shelf or designing built-in shelving, why not go for a floating shelf system that won’t eat your precious floor space? Floating shelves are phenomenal in the living room where you want to visibly display items. Just don’t go overboard and try not to crowd the space provided. 

9. Highlight one piece of art

It could be a painting, a sculpture, or in this case, a sentimental rug from an overseas trip. Notice how the colourful rug stands out and thrive in a room with white walls and a neutral colour palette. And, there is no other eye-catching design element that contradicts it. 

Here’s how you style cozy minimalist rooms.

10. Inject very minimal patterns

Introduce patterns to add interest to a minimalist room. Opt for simple, geometric, and monochromatic designs that are not too distracting. 

Here’s how you style cozy minimalist rooms.

11. Use plants as decor

Add a touch of green to make your space feel clean, fresh, and inviting. Put your indoor plants in white pots, so it doesn’t steal much attention. 

12. Brighten the space with warm lights

Warm lighting is essential in cozy minimalist rooms. It feels natural and induces relaxation. Without it, you will end up with a cold, uninviting, and stern interior room. Check out this bedside lamp that emits a light that resembles hearthside fire. Notice how the yellowish light made this room more calming. 

Here’s how you style cozy minimalist rooms.

For best results, learn how to achieve a layered lighting effect



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