17 June 2016

Superdraft featured in Gold Coast Magazine “2016 Gold Coast Entrepreneurs & Influencers”

Gold Coast Magazine features Superdraft for the Jun 2016 issue as a "2016 Entrepreneurs and Influencers". Read the article here.

Gold Coast Magazine features Superdraft for the Jun 2016 issue as a “2016 Entrepreneurs and Influencers”.

Both Mark and Jake have backgrounds in owning and running successful businesses, but they consider Superdraft their “baby”— a venture that has earned them a reputation as one of the fastest growing companies in the Construction Industry with a team of over 100 nationwide. Superdraft was founded in 2011 by Jake and operated in Perth, WA. In 2013, Jake joined forces with Mark to expand the business nationally. Since then, Superdraft has doubled in size year on year, with offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The businesses offer clients a convenient end-to-end service providing them with Architectural Design, Drafting, Structural Engineering, Land Surveying, Energy Reports, Building Cost Estimations and Construction Services. Superdraft successfully completes over 1,000 projects per year in both Residential and Commercial sectors. They now have their sights set on international expansion over the next 12 months. Mark and Jake were both acknowledged for their success in 2015, taking out the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Award In the Professional Services category.

Gold Coast Magazine has interesting feature stories and has gained a reputation as a quality lifestyle magazine. It includes in-depth stories about current issues, personality profiles and the latest fashion and beauty news and extensive coverage of social events.  Read the article and other inspiring entrepreneur stories here.


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