27 August 2018

2018 Colour Trends and Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom this Month

Yearning to revamp your bedroom? Here's what you can do! :)
2018 Colour Trends and Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom this Month

Creating a bedroom that looks straight out of a magazine takes a lot of patience and effort. First, you need to create a palette. A palette is a designer’s collection of objects, textures, and colour schemes that blend well together. In this blog, we’ll show you palettes that make use of 2018 colour trends. Use them to create the bedrooms you’ve always wanted!

But first, understand the rule of colours.

Designers have a way of using colours in a room. They use the dominant colour in 60% of the space; 30% for the secondary colour; 10% for the accent colour. You can introduce a fourth colour but make it a secondary… not a highlighter.

Fresh and feminine palette

Trendy colours used: PastelsGet the look: Pastel bedrooms are hot in the interior design scene nowadays. Start with painting your walls with a grayish-white paint. Warm it up with a feminine colour like blush pink on the bedding. Then, accentuate the bed with dark teal pillows. Lastly, furnish the room with grey fittings and other accessories.

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Nude brown palette

Trendy colours used: NudesGet the look: Using neutral shades allows you to put more dramatic and ornate elements in the bedroom. Consider using tufted furniture and headboard. Bring into play your luxurious fabrics like satin, velvet, suede, and brocade. Hang brass light fixtures too.

Like an all-white bedroom, an all-nude brown bedroom is hard to pull off. Follow the palette and resist the need to introduce another colour.

Image source

Chocolate brown palette

Trendy colours used: Chocolate brownGet the look: Use a chocolate brown stain it to darken and deepen the tone of your timber floors. Painting old bedroom furniture the same paint shade will modernize the piece and will make it look new. Pair this with neutrals like grey and beige. Highlight the interiors using bold colours like a dusky red and salmon pink.

Image source

Rich tones and textures palette

Trendy colours used: Purple and Ultraviolet, the 2018 colour trend of the year.Get the look: This look is about embracing rich colours and textures. Begin with painting the room with powder grey paint. This wall paint is the perfect background of vivid-coloured furniture and decorations. It will bring out the beauty of hardwood floors too. Use soft and plush fabrics on the bed like satin and faux fur. Make sure to use two shades of white to add more depth and interest to the sheets. Finally, drop a little bit of purple on the bed to a bed to highlight it.

Image source

Warm winter palette

Trendy colours used: Golden yellow and navy blueGet the look: Blue and grey are cozy and timeless bedroom interior colours. Warm up this winter inspired interiors using bright coloured sheets and dark pillows. Something like golden yellow will stand out here.

Image source

Romantic palette

Trendy colours used: Turquoise and Old RoseGet the look: The secret of this bold and modern bedroom look is the contrast between the dark turquoise walls and old rose bedding. Add more warmth and texture to the room by adding wooden furniture pieces.

Image source

Ageless Pink Palette

Trendy colours used: Millennial PinkGet the look: Both teens and grown-ups can enjoy a highly sophisticated pink bedroom when the designer uses millennial pink. But, use this colour in moderation. Coordinating a few pillows and the sheets are enough. Keep the fabrics and furniture pieces white and the walls beige. And, hang a classic chandelier for some elegant lighting.

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Pattern-rich room palette

Trendy colours used: Sage GreenGet the look: Downplay the other elements in the room if you want the patterns to be the star of the interiors. Paint your walls with sage green paint for it remains beautiful without overpowering the pattern. It works as an accent colour in a room full of grey tones as well.

Image source

Blue palette

Trendy colour used: Slate BlueGet the look: Slate blue is perfect for the walls of large bedrooms. Make it look heavenly by painting the ceilings and mouldings white. Use several white furniture pieces and beddings too. Adorn the walls with framed large-scale art. And, do a little dark detailing on the bed and art frames.

Image source

Calm Sea Palette

Trendy colours used: Mint and Seafoam GreenGet the look: Cover the walls with pale blue paint and lay a textured grey rug underneath. Use classic furniture pieces and decorate them with mint and seafoam green fabrics. Do not be afraid of using materials with a vintage print or pattern in it. Finally, add decor with a touch of gold to make the interiors mature and luxurious.

Image source

Royal bedroom palette

Trendy colours used: Plum, Lavender, and SilverGet the look: Violets are the colour of royalty. Use the sexy and relaxing shades of plum and lavender. Tame this royal colour with neutrals such as charcoal and silver. This combination keeps the room from looking underlit because the charcoal shade isn’t too dark and silver can reflect light. Also, break dark, solid colours with patterns.

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Chic Dollhouse Palette

Trendy colours used: PastelsGet the look: Individually, the colours look childish but together, these make a snug haven. Use beige for the ceiling, white for the mouldings, and baby blue walls on the walls. Lay a grey carpet for soft underfoot. Paint all furniture pieces with a creamy or off-white paint. And, decorate the fluffy bed with blue and soft mauve beddings.

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