24 October 2018

2019 Bathroom Trends: What Colours, Tiles, and Materials to Look Out For

A sneak peek of the 2019 Bathroom Trends straight from this year’s Cersaie Fair in Italy.

Every September, thousands of people all over the world come to Bologna, Italy to participate in the Cersaie fair. It is the largest exhibit of bathroom ceramics and furnishings. In the fair, we had a sneak peek of the hottest bathroom design solutions. It looks like the 2019 bathroom trends will focus on proper hygiene, exquisite finishes, and innovative furnishings.


If you’re considering a bathroom renovation soon or sometime next year, opt for these colours, materials, and tiles:

Cool tiles to use:


Mix & Match

You don’t have to be afraid of using tiles of different sizes, shapes, colours, and textures anymore. Tile manufacturers sell items that complement each other. Feel free to mix and match your tiles to create a bathroom that’s uniquely yours.

Hexagon tiles

Tile manufacturers now offer a variety of hex tiles. Use symmetrical hexagons to create a beehive look. Go with asymmetrical hex tiles when you want floors with tiny flagstones. Either way, both tiles look modern and timeless.

Subway tiles

Apart from six-sided tiles, rectangular tiles are trendy again. Subway tiles sized 10×20, 11×25, and 10×30 centimetres already come in different colours and textures. Stack these classic rectangles vertically and use a grout that contrasts the tile’s colour.

Rectangular mosaic tiles

Not a fan of subway tiles? Consider rectangular mosaics arranges in a brick layout. Again, use a grout that contrasts with the tile’s colour. It will make the tile’s pattern and colour stand out.

Trendy materials to try:


Artificial stone

There were a lot of exhibitors of artificial and engineered stone in the Cersaie fair. Experts in the fair believe that more people might choose artificial stone over the real thing because the costs of natural stone slabs might go higher soon.

3D Walls

If you want to take a break from stoneware, go for 3D walls. A 3D texture is a stunning addition to a neutral bathroom. It adds more depth and interest to the space.

Slim bathtub

Even small bathrooms can look like a spa retreat when you use small and slim bathtubs. You have a lot of options — from freestanding or fitted; oval or rectangular. Find and shop for a model that suits your space.

Rimless toilet

If you want your toilet easy to clean and hygienic, consider rimless toilet models. Most of these toilets come from luxurious brands. It’s up to you to decide whether they’re worth the investment or not.

Vessel Basins

Gone are the days of the pedestal and drop-in sinks. Vessels are hot right now and it continues to charm the hearts of homeowners. It comes in round, oval, or rectangular (organic) shapes. These ceramics come in white, coloured, or natural stone.

When buying a vessel, choose a tap with minimal splash back. Also, make sure that you clean the space underneath the vessel basin.

Chic Colours


Matte black faucets

Before, black matte finishes are only an addition to chrome-plated tapware and bathroom accessories. Now, almost all bath fixtures come in matte black. It’s so popular that it became a standard option.

Cool pastel

In 2019, colour experts predict that pastel shades such as sage green, marsala, and pastel pink will be popular. They see it in walls, floors, fixtures, sanitary ware, and in accessories. They predict these colours will enhance the look of grey, white, and marble bathrooms.

Tell us…

Which of these upcoming trends are you excited about? 

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