2019 Office Design Trends that Everyone’s Excited to See

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2019 Office Design Trends

In 2018, workplace designers focused on the innovative and creative use of space. The emerging 2019 office design trends won't be too different. Designers will concentrate more on employee and customer happiness. They'll focus on building greener and healthier offices.

In this blog, we'll discuss the upcoming workplace trends that have lasting power. We'll also give valuable tips on how you can achieve them. Here are office designs you should consider:  

Experience-driven rooms

This trend is about giving your employees a direct experience that they'll treasure.  Apart from a competitive salary, office perks entice employees. Create spaces that boost their overall wellness, happiness, and morale. Allow everyone, from interns to C-Suite executives to use it, and make a part of their everyday life.

Here are some examples of experience-driven spaces that you can make room for in your office:

  1. Yoga and meditation areas
  2. Walking and jogging trails
  3. In-house massage and chiropractor consultation
  4. Rock climbing wall
  5. Bar offering free coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic drinks
  6. Indoor and outdoor gaming areas
  7. Virtual reality room
  8. Mini theatre or audio-visual room
  9. Gyms

Tho, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The office feature you choose to have must embody the spirit and culture of the company.

For example, Google opened a breakfast bar that offers healthy meals for free. They also have a 24/7 indoor gym for their employees. They did it because they want to keep the employees of the tech industry healthy and far from a sedentary lifestyle.

Why build experience-driven spaces?

Employees stay when you offer them a stress-free environment. Experience-driven spaces are there to give them a break when everything gets rough. These keep your business from developing a toxic work environment.

Free-range workspace

Coworking spaces boomed in 2018 because of good reasons. It encourages face-to-face interaction, not email exchanges. It fosters the sharing of ideas and interactive supervision. The results? Employee performance shows an increase in productivity.

While other startups send employees out to work in coworking spaces, other companies create free-range workspaces. It's a space open to different departments. Think of the open-format office spaces of successful Silicon Valley companies. There are no walls that separate one area from another. Here, people share the space, resources, and sometimes talent.

Why design a free-range workplace?

  1. It fosters a collaborative culture. The open environment allows communication and participation between team members.
  2. Entrepreneurs and executives become part of the community. The employees, even the interns, don't feel isolated from them.
  3. It improves employee performance. The interaction and support they receive from their peers and their boss motivates them.
  4. Creativity and innovation flow here because the employees hear other useful perspectives and ideas.
  5. Employees grow and learn from the people they encounter at work.
  6. It attracts a younger generation of employees.

If you're planning to build a free-range workplace, consider these designs:

  1. Open-plan
  2. Multipurpose workstations. Ones you can use for meetings and day-to-day work.
  3. Themed areas
  4. Plenty of desks and counter space
  5. Comfortable couches and lightweight chairs
  6. Indoor plants and  green wall
  7. Glass partitions and portable dividers
  8. Coffee station

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In 2019, modern offices inside old buildings will gain attention. Several companies in major metropolitan areas in the have done it before. They preserved and renovated the property — and it housed a successful business in return.

Here are the lovely features of this office design trend:

  1. Antique decor pieces
  2. Modern furniture and office equipment
  3. A balance of new and weathered textures
  4. Preserved old-world craftsmanship
  5. Classic architecture and interior design
  6. A lot of Earthy elements like wood, glass, indoor plants, and metal.

Why rent a commercial space inside restored buildings?

  1. Saving old buildings and giving it a new purpose is one sustainable effort in the AEC industry. Renovating the building produced waste too, but it's smaller compared to tearing it down and building a new one. If you support sustainable construction, this can work for you.
  2. Old buildings possess a rich history, as told by its old brick walls and ancient craftsmanship. It's nostalgic, even if most people who stay there didn't witness the historical events that happened there.

Biophilic design

At its core, the biophilic design trend follows nature as an architectural framework. Architects use forms, shapes, and patterns found in the environment. They also utilise live plants, Earthy textures and colours, natural lighting and ventilation.

But, biophilic design isn't a trend or fashion anymore. We realised that it is the next standard of building. Designers need to carry this practice throughout the ages. And, the world must embrace it.Including biophilic design in the list of 2019 office design trends is a proof that we're taking the right track. We'll see more buildings with:

  1. Living green walls
  2. Plants and trees
  3. Office constructed using natural materials such as wood and stone
  4. Organic shapes and biomorphic forms
  5. Adequate daylighting
  6. Visual connections with nature
  7. Thermal comfort
  8. High-quality ventilation

Apart from these features, your office building must hold WELL, FitWel, and LEED certifications.

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The right office design is key to the success of your business

Workplace design plays a vital role in the performance and success of businesses. Every year, we witness the occurrence of new design trends. We adopt the one which fits our business. We also embrace new technologies that make our office better.

Innovation is necessary to survive this hyper-competitive business environment. It's difficult to attract and keep top-performing employees. Let your workplace speak reasons why they shouldn't leave.

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