The hottest landscaping, deck, and patio design ideas this 2019

A sneak peek of the 2019 outdoor design trends.
2019 Outdoor Design Trends

In a few weeks, we will all say hello to the summer season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for outdoor barbecue parties and for all things active and relaxing. Time flies, so now is the best time to boost the look of your outdoor space. Make yours summer-ready! In this blog, we will reveal the 2019 outdoor design trends. We will talk about design ideas that will make your outdoor space as comfortable and functional as an interior room. These hot design trends will surely maximise your outdoor space.

Indoor-outdoor vibe

Aussie homeowners have a changing attitude towards the design of their outdoor spaces. Cushions and throw pillows are usually for indoor spaces only. But, thanks to olefin fabric, some ‘indoor-only’ designs are applicable to outdoor spaces too. It is a sturdy, waterproof fabric made from polypropylene. You can easily wipe any liquid off it which is why it’s perfect for outdoor furniture cushions.

Top your wicker furniture with a covered cushion and throw pillows to make your outdoor seating more comfortable. Keep most of the cushions and pillows plain so it won’t clash with the detail and texture of the furniture.

Exciting material combinations

The year 2019 is about unexpected and exciting combinations of different materials and textures. Designers match beautifully ageing materials paired with contemporary ones. In this featured backyard, two modern rattan chairs with canvas pillows sit on smooth concrete pavers and aged timber walls. This simple backyard corner has a warm, tactile look.

Low furniture

If you’ve been to a furniture store lately, you might have noticed the popularity of low-slung chairs and sofas. These furniture styles target younger customers who find lower, deeper seating more relaxed. When you use this furniture, your outdoor space will look more inviting, like it’s built for lounging and relaxing. To make low-slung seating more comfortable, use cushions.

In case that you live with the elderly members of the family, consider using a combination of high and low seating. Older people find it easier to get out of sofas/chairs with higher seating and armrests.

Thick timber frames

Apart from low-lying furniture, expect to see sofas and chairs with chunky timber sofa frames like the one pictured above. Most of these furniture pieces come in sets and they look best on your patio or deck together.

Make these furniture pieces last through cleaning it with a high-pressure water cleaner or timber cleaner. You can have them reupholstered with durable and luxurious fabrics.

Thin, aluminium seating

If you’re not a fan of thick and heavy outdoor furniture, consider the powder-coated aluminium ones. Those are lightweight and durable, perfect for small spaces like balconies and narrow decks. Apart from aluminium, you can use stainless steel.  Both are low-maintenance and rust-resistant, but stainless steel items do not corrode.

Modular seats

Furniture designers come up with more multi-functional and modular furniture pieces for outdoor spaces. These pieces make outdoor living areas more versatile. It enables you to customise the space, depending on how you want to use the space.

Neutral colours, materials, and finishes

There is a shift towards using natural materials and colours from Earth. Why? It’s because pieces in neutral colours don’t date easily. If you want to update them, scatter patterned and coloured cushions and display small accessories.

Durable and stylish fabrics

At the end of the day, it’s the fabrics you choose that makes all the difference. Choose a fabric that will add glamour or freshness to your alfresco area. Above all, go with a durable and quick-drying fabric. One that won’t fade when exposed to the elements.

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