Here’s the 2019 paint trends according to industry experts

Superdraft collates the hottest 2019 paint trends from Australia’s biggest paint manufacturers.
2019 paint trends

Repainting is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to give your home a new and fresh look this new year. The problem? It’s hard to choose a colour that complements the style or look you want to achieve. To help you out, we looked into the 2019 paint trends from the top manufacturers of paints and coatings in the country. Here are the most fashionable and captivating colours to use inside your house and some tips on how you can use them:

If you want timeless yet colourful interiors…

You don’t need to settle for all-white or plain neutral interiors to achieve timeless interiors. Colours that convey luxury can help you achieve the same look. After all, opulence is one thing that people want in their homes forever.

But one can’t achieve grandeur with paint alone. If you have rooms styled in Art Deco, then these colours from Dulux Paints can work for you:

Dulux paint colours to try:

We’re drawn to earthy pink shades like Shepherd’s Warning, deep purples like Hothouse Orchid, pale smokey colours like Legendary Lilac, and blues such as Deep Aqua and Trustee.

If you want to tame colours in a room, incorporate dusty neutrals like Casper White, Natural White, Dieskau, Silver Tea Set, and Feather Soft. But, keep the white, grey, and black details to a minimum. Use hues (lighter shades) within the same colour family instead. Combine the right colours and create a room that moves you. Photos courtesy of Dulux. Styling by Bree Leech. Photography by Lisa Cohen.

What to do:

Take an old-world interior style and give it a modern twist. Combine classic and contemporary elements. For example, mix new-age pieces with traditional decor or antiques. Maintain balance within the space. Above all, celebrate elegance and simplicity. Use luxe materials like leather, suede, velvet, and other rich fabrics.

If you want a sophisticated bachelor pad…

Haymes Paint created a material palette that suits modern homes and bachelor pads. The colours are monochromatic and consist mostly of mid-tone to deep greys. Wooden and textured elements give life to the room.

List of Haymes Paint colours to try:

Greyish whites like Putty Grey and Memory, mid-tone neutrals like Granite Grey, Night Moves, and Plantagenet, deep shades such as Impact and Dave’s Train, and a rich dark brown like Castlegate. Photos courtesy of Haymes Paint. Photography by Martina Gemmola. Styling by Ruth Welsby

What to do:

Opt for streamlined interiors. Use simple and sleek furniture. Have minimal decor; only display what’s needed. To bring more life and energy to this neutral space, grow indoor plants. Place them in areas that you want to highlight. Mix up their heights so it draws your eyes from one level to another.

If you want cool and refreshing interiors…

Turn to soothing and relaxing pastel shades. Use soft green or pink on the walls to create a nice background for your mid-century modern furniture. Wattyl offers irresistible shades that you might adore:

List of Wattyl paints to try:

Try Rhino, a greyish light green shade and sage green called Cloud. If you prefer dusty pinks, opt for hues like Nougat and Peahen Egg.

What to do:

These colours work perfectly with light-coloured timber furniture and flooring. Use soft furnishings in natural, earthy colours.  Lay tactile fabrics where it’s needed. And, decorate with indoor plants planted inside terracotta clay pots. Photo courtesy of Wattyl and The Valspar Corporation.

If you want to go bold and ultra-modern…

Folks at Taubmans chose Night Watch, a sophisticated dark green as their colour of the year for 2019. It’s a versatile colour; it’s a terrific background for glamorous and ethnic, tribal decor. Photo courtesy of Taubmans.

Ideal colours to pair with Night Watch:

There’s a lot of colours that work well with Night Watch but the best ones are taupe, peach, rust, terracotta, and gold. You can use other rich colours like indigo, violet, burgundy, and mustard as well.

What to do:

Night Watch is a cosmopolitan colour which you can use to create interiors that reflect you and your urban life. Use it anywhere in your house from the living area, bedroom, kitchen, home office, or bathroom. For a modern and glam look, pair this stunning wall colour with luxurious materials like velvet and marble. To create homely and eclectic interiors, use a lot of timber furniture, leather, wicker, and rattan. If you like, hang artwork on your wall.

Tell us.

Are you excited to try any of these colours? Which ones caught your heart? Tell us in the comment section below!


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