2021 bathroom trends you don’t want to miss

Turning bathrooms into the ultimate retreat and self-care space is all the rage this year
2021 bathroom trends
Image credit: Marina Breves via the Contemporist

After the year that was 2020, it’s no surprise that many homeowners want to spruce up their bathrooms. The lockdowns prevented us from going to spas and resorts where we can relax and find time for ourselves. We spent most of our time at home and we were forced to retreat in one shared space: the bathroom

That being said, turning bathrooms into the ultimate retreat and self-care space is all the rage this year. 

Creating a spa at home

We use our bathrooms longer than we think: in the morning when you wake up, at night before you sleep, and a few more times in between. When a bathroom has a spa-like atmosphere, it will be more enjoyable to use daily. 

If you want to achieve this look and create a tranquil and calming space, we highly recommend having the following key design features:

Panoramic bathroom windows for an indoor-outdoor view

Open up the bathroom using panoramic windows like this and bring the outside into your home in a stylish and modern way. Here’s a luxurious freestanding bathtub facing a beautiful view outside the house. A design like this will make you want to linger in the bath longer.

2021 bathroom trends
Image credit: GLASSco WA

Earthy building materials

Laying ceramic or porcelain tiles with a faux timber surface finish is one way to connect with nature and induce comfort in the space. These tiles are extremely durable, easy to clean, low-maintenance, and moisture resistant. Some variants have hypoallergenic features and antibacterial and antiviral surfaces too. 

Another way to inject nature into your bathroom design is to use stone vanity tops with cabinets and storage in a timber finish. The sight of wood freshens up and softens the vibe in the bathroom. For more information check out our comprehensive guide on bathroom renovation.

Heated bathroom flooring

For a spa-like touch, opt for heated bathroom floors. This is more of a luxury than a necessity, but this extra feeling of warmth and comfort when you step barefoot into the bathroom makes a huge difference. Not to mention, you don’t need to worry about freezing cold tiles during the winter months!

2021 bathroom trends
Image credit: Jason Windows AU

When planning a spa-like bathroom at home, always look out for design features that will make you want to cocoon and relax. You want to create a sanctuary to reduce your stress. 

Here are more bathroom design features  that can help you achieve this look:

More 2021 bathroom design trends: 

Tactile finishes

Using the bathroom will be a tactile experience. This year, textured tiles and ribbed surfaces will steal the hearts of many homeowners. Think of vanity units with ribbed or fluted profiles, reeded glass, and basins with decorative fluted patterns or in stone with a honed finish.

Image credit: Kast Concrete Basins

Tactile features add an extrasensory component to your overall bathroom design. More than the visual, experiencing how certain design elements feel when you touch it can make all the difference. 

2021 bathroom trends
Image credit: West One Bathrooms ltd. Fluted Glass Deco Collection

Trending colour palettes 

This year, the world will avert from building all-white and cold clinical bathrooms. Earthy colours and warm neutrals will captivate the hearts of many homeowners. Think of using colours such as:

  • Pale blue hues that were drawn from water to create a calm and refreshing vibe
  • Super-saturated forest green to make a bold statement or more gentle tones of olive or sage for a softer statement. 
  • Rich shades of terracotta, rust, caramel, brown, biscuit, and ochre
  • Warm and creamy whites

Bathroom lighting trends

Like we always say, lighting can make or break your bathroom design. It can help you achieve the spa-like ambience that you’ve been yearning for. 

This year, wall sconces and statement light fixtures will captivate many homeowners. Think of using light fixtures that you typically place in a living room in the bathroom. Go big and go all-out with chandeliers or pendant lights. 

Image credit: Knobs / beautifulchaoscompanies.com

Trending tiles

Homeowners who are planning to use tiles will most likely opt for charming subway tiles or patterned tiles. Ceramic or porcelain tiles that look like marble slabs and blonde timber will fascinate a lot of bathroom renovators too. 

2021 bathroom trends
Image credit: Paul Raeside

Trending bathroom wallpaper design for powder rooms

If you want quirky and kitsch design elements in your powder room, opt for graphic wallpapers featuring eye-catching flora and fauna prints. Think of lush foliage, large-scale florals, wildlife, and tropical designs. When used right, wallpaper is a bold statement that creates a focal point.

2021 bathroom trends
Image credit: Burlington bathrooms

Trending tapware

As you can see below, the classic three-piece tapware will make a huge comeback, and will be available in more luxurious metal finishes such as brushed gold, rose gold, and champagne. 

If you have a freestanding full-size or soaking tub, install a freestanding bath spout next to it. 

2021 bathroom trends
Image credit: Burlington bathrooms

Practical bathroom trends

Lastly, we’ll look into this year’s very practical bathroom additions — and these ones will probably be your greatest investments this year.

Backlit mirrors 

Many homeowners already prefer backlit mirrors over the regular ones because they find the embedded lighting feature extremely functional. Visually, backlit lights provide the right amount of ambient lighting minus the glare, shadows and reflection on the mirror. Hence, they are much better for applying make-up or shaving. Feel free to use it your nightlight and to accentuate the vanity area.

Image credit: Ki Design Studio via the Contemporist

Smart tech

Imagine having a self-cleaning toilet which also kills 99.9% of the bacteria and germs on its surface. Think of a toilet with motion sensor features like self-closing lids and hands-free flushing. This will be super convenient in your post-pandemic home and will make your bathroom more convenient to use. 

Future-proofing design elements

Future-proofing your bathroom is a must, especially if you are living with elderly members of your family and if you plan to age in place. This way, you can avoid slips, falls, and other accidents. 

Learn how to future proof your bathroom from our previous blog about future-proofing your home

If you live with elderly members of the family, check out our previous blog about a senior-friendly and safe bathroom design. 

We created a comprehensive report about the 2021 Home Design Trends. You can read a more detailed write up about this year’s bathroom trends there. To access the guide, simply create your Superdraft account and download for free.

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