2022 home interior design trends and tips if you’re renovating your property

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Renovating your property is one of the best ways to give your home a fresh look and increase its value. Since you and your family spend most of your time indoors, start your renovations on your home interiors. During renovations, be sure to consider a home interior design that’s stylish yet functional.

2022 home interior design trends to watch out for


Provence is one of the most popular areas in France, so it’s not surprising that many homeowners want to incorporate Provencal design when designing their new homes or renovating. Whenever people hear Provence’s name, they think of picturesque seascapes, lush flower gardens, and savoury French cuisine.

Provencal design is all about charm, simplicity, and comfort. Due to its countryside origins, natural wood is a dominant factor in Provencal design. When renovating your home, swap out tiles and concrete floors for large natural wood planks. Weathered wood is the ideal choice since it imitates the wooden floors of countryside cottages.

Another noticeable characteristic of Provencal design is the abundance of natural light, ensuring that the interiors are bright and cheery. The best way to increase the intake of natural light is by renovating your windows. Remove slim and small windows and replace them with larger ones to let in as much natural light to imitate bright summer days surrounded by gardens and vineyards.

Stucco walls are the best way to complete your Provencal home design. Stucco is standard on Provencal homes and can add texture to your home’s interiors.

If you’re looking for design inspirations, check out our Inspiration Gallery. You can save these designs on your own dashboard and share them with friends and project team members.

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Japandi is a home interior design that’s been gaining popularity for a few years now, and we expect it to be a trend still next year. Japandi is a marriage of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese artistic minimalism. It combines natural materials, muted colours, and clean lines.

Wooden flooring is critical in the Japandi interior, and you can choose between light and dark wood depending on the room in your house. Dark Walnut Stain Oak and Pale White Oak are excellent flooring materials because they are durable and resist stains and scratches.

When it comes to walls, repainting them with neutral-coloured paint is your best option. Aside from going well with your Japandi interiors, neutral colours can help brighten your house while giving it a warm atmosphere. You can use black and dark red accents to add more colour and prevent a flat-looking interior.

Layering natural materials is another element present in Japandi design, and you can apply this concept when redesigning your bedroom. Natural stone floors, wooden ceilings, cane furniture, and wooden wall panels are some textures you can play with to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

Talk to a professional designer on how you would properly execute this style!

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With more homeowners getting into eco-friendly options in their everyday lives, it is no surprise that incorporating natural elements is a growing trend. Biophilic style incorporates nature into your home interior design. It gives homeowners a calming atmosphere while creating a clear connection to nature.

Inviting fresh air and natural lighting into your home is an excellent way to incorporate Biophilic elements into your home. Large picture windows are your best option because they let in a ton of natural light and can help you get a lot of fresh air whenever you open them. You can also install skylights on rooms when installing large windows is not an option as they let in light and can help you reduce your electric bill.

If you have extra space in your home, then why not have an indoor pocket garden? A pocket garden gives you a means of caring for herbs, flowering plants, and succulents. It is also an excellent place to take your morning coffee or have a nightcap after a tiring day.

Incorporating water elements is another option you can explore when aiming for a Biophilic home interior design. You can install a small water fountain under your stairs or in the corner of your living room. Another option is to construct a small fishpond you can fill with koi carps, goldfish, rainbow fish, and galaxias.

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Home wellness

Wellness-focused interior design is a trend we’ve seen, and we expect to see flourish next year. It involves designing home interiors to promote tranquillity and health.

Colour affects the mood of a room and its occupants, so repainting rooms with calming colours is one of the first steps you should take. Light colours can make a room look airier and roomier, while dark tones can make a room feel warmer.

Clutter reduction is another goal you can keep in mind while renovating your home. It can help make your home look neat and relaxing. You can declutter your home by installing home storage options like floating shelves in bathrooms and kitchens and pull-out storage options for bedrooms.

You can also convert your basement or attic into a home fitness centre. Replace old materials with something more durable and impact-resistant, like concrete. Be sure to improve air intake in your home fitness centre by replacing windows or installing exhaust fans to reduce moisture and improve air circulation, allowing you to exercise comfortably.

To make your home fitness centre more enjoyable, you can install a kitchenette where you can enjoy a post-workout snack or smoothie. Be sure to get help from an expert interior designer to ensure that your kitchenette is durable and has proper plumbing and electricity.

If you’re not sure yet of the interior design you’d like for your home, check out home styling secrets from Superdraft’s interior designers. 

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If you want to ensure that your home interior renovation proceeds without a hitch, working with home interior designer is a must. An interior designer can help you plan your renovations and provide you advice ensuring that the design you have in mind is feasible. An expert can help you choose and purchase materials for renovations ensuring that you’re getting the best materials at the lowest possible prices. Enlisting one can also ensure that renovations won’t cause any damage to your home, resulting in expensive repairs.

A home interior renovation can be an expensive yet rewarding project because it can provide your family with a more livable home. Get in touch with an interior designer and start transforming your home interiors now using Superdraft.

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