21 April 2020

27 inspiring rooftop terrace design ideas we found on Pinterest

Spend the most relaxing, wonderful, and philosophic moments of your life on a well-designed rooftop terrace like these:
rooftop terrace

Are you planning to build a home with a rooftop terrace? If you are, then you are in for a treat! Today’s designers can help you create amazing roof terraces with gardens, fireplaces, entertainment, and dining areas. You can have a lovely personal space where you can spend the most relaxing, wonderful, philosophic, and exciting moments of your life.

What you need now is an expert designer who can guide you through the process and coordinate all the required trades and planning requirements. Leave all the hard and tedious tasks to your designer. Focus on the fun part — creating the ambiance of your rooftop terrace. Gather photos that show your taste and preferences. Do you want something sleek and sophisticated, or do you want something cosy and charming?

Take a look at some design ideas below and choose your design!

A contemporary roof terrace in Marylebone, London features comfortable furnishings available from John Lewis in the UK. The trees in the planters are olive trees which love being in the heat of a roof terrace. The planters are a bespoke item available from Livingreen Design. The purple plants are a mixture of Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’, Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ and Viola cornuta Blue. (via Hampstead Garden Design)

Expert tips on designing your rooftop terrace

Having a picturesque view from up there is the key to a nice rooftop terrace. Do this when you have a breathtaking view of nature or the city skyline.

Most design principles of a ground-level outdoor space applies to your rooftop garden, but with a few provisos. A great designer knows all these limitations and restrictions, then creates a plan that adheres to the rules set by the authorities.

If you’re buying furniture for this, opt for the ones impervious to the elements, can be covered, or can be easily packed away. You can also add built-in furniture — these look great with potted plants and pocket gardens.

When it comes to greenery, choose local and resilient plant varieties. Grow it in light-weight containers and soil.

If you want to create a full, living, green roof, click here.

We have this board on Pinterest. Check it out here. 

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