3 foolproof ways to incorporate wallpaper in your home

In this blog, we’ll show you the right ways to incorporate wallpaper in your home; in every room, whatever the size may be.
3 Foolproof Ways to Incorporate Wallpaper in Your Home

Once, a wise designer told us that putting up wallpaper on your walls is a bigger commitment than painting it. For one, wallpaper has a longer life-span, which makes it a little more expensive. Second, wallpapers come in an unending variety of colours, patterns, and texture. Some designs are subtle, some are more eye-catching than paint. Third, it’s harder to remove. Scraping off old wallpaper is exhausting and time-consuming. But wallpaper is still a fantastic and practical material that gives a strong design statement. It’s a classic choice. If you want to try this but don’t want to make a mistake, consider following our most recommended ways to incorporate wallpaper in your home:

If you’re decorating small spaces…

Ornate wallpapers are perfect in tiny areas of your house like your bathroom, mudroom, and entryway. Space is limited here. You’re limited with what you can do and you can’t put everything you want on display. A bold wallpaper will do the trick, without covering much real estate. In this apartment, the designers used a modern 3D wallpaper design to enhance the look of this hallway. With it, there’s no need to display other things here. If you’re planning to use wallpaper in a wet room (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, or laundry), use wallpapers that are specifically designed for high humidity areas. Read the labels and look for the terms splash proof, waterproof, etc. Check the guidelines when using the paper and adhesives. Read and follow the installation instructions. Lastly, prepare your walls before putting up new wallpaper. When you do, your wallpaper will survive the damp environment for decades. Here, the designers laid standard wallpaper on one wall so it runs from the living room to the kitchen. To protect the wallpaper from moisture, grease, and grime, the designers installed a clear glass splashback above it.

If you want to spice up a room or area…

While some homeowners want to wallpaper an entire room, others want to cover one wall.

An accent wall, when done right, is enough to bring life to a room. It’s subtle, but it still adds visual interest in the room. Here, the classic floral wallpaper contributed to the vintage interior design, in a way that paint can’t. Here's another floral wallpaper, this time used in the bedroom. Large florals are luxurious and look best in Art Deco interiors.

If you want to add texture in the design

Today, we have stunning textured wallpapers that give your walls a subtle three-dimensional look. There are wallpapers that look like real wood, stone, brick, marble, grasscloth, concrete and more.

Here, the designers put up paintable wallpapers. They chose the brick wall design to achieve a chic French provincial look. Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, ask help from our Hobart-based building designers.



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