3 ways to style a room with white walls

Looking for a little inspiration to transform that blank canvas into a fully-realised room? Then these ideas might be exactly what you’re looking for:

For some, white walls can be less than inspirational. But for others, they are a blank slate that can allow you to transform your home however you wish. Light, breezy and elegant, depending on what you pair your white walls with you can create just about any effect in a room. How you choose to style your room is up to you, but the foundations are there to create the perfect living space you’ll love.

Looking for a little inspiration to transform that blank canvas into a fully-realised room? Then these ideas might be exactly what you’re looking for:

Let the textures do the talking

It can be easy to over-accessorise a clean and bright space, but by bringing in some much-needed texture and warmth, you can quickly make a bare room look homely. White walls can make a space look bigger and more impressive, but it’s those added details that can make a place feel like home. Whether it’s the use of plenty of earthy wood textures throughout your chosen furniture or plenty of fabrics floating around, texture can make an environment feel more like home.

Choose environmentally friendly materials and move away from plastic products (according to Argos, plastic bottles take 450 years to degrade, after all). You can transform your home décor with natural elements such as wicker or plants, which really improve the texture of your space. Think beautiful rugs, textured throws or even wall hangings to bring life to even the barest of spaces.

Go minimalist

Not a fan of colour, or prefer to live a more basic existence? Then you’re likely already into minimalism, and your home may as well reflect that style of living. While many individuals enjoy filling up their space with possessions, personal items and more, providing a little more space can be an excellent way to make your home appear bigger, and make it flow that little bit better.

Instead of hanging pictures on the wall, create greater space by leaning them on existing furniture. Choosing white focal pieces can also be another way to be more minimalist in your home, bringing in more light and generally feeling more modern. Stick with the essentials, and a few accent pieces, and your white walls can remain stylish and sleek along with the rest of your home.

Bring on the colour

Bright pops of colour are an excellent way to lift the mood after a long day of work. White walls don’t have to mean a dull space, after all, and can be easily dressed up to be a welcome blank slate against all the vibrant shades in your living space. LED lighting can be an excellent way to make use of white walls, especially when combined with white furniture for the brightest possible effect.

Greens and pinks, in particular, are on-trend for adding interest to white walls. But don’t be afraid to use your walls as a gallery of sorts, too, whether it’s your favourite bright prints or just some on-point slogans and sayings. White walls are the perfect place to start when it comes to introducing some vibrancy into your life.

Whatever your choice of décor, white walls are a staple of any modern household. How would you dress up yours?

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