Create your dream space with 3D home design technology

See and understand the designs you create with your Superdraft designer in 3D.
3D home design technology, 3D home design tool, VR home design, 3D virtual home design
Superdraft customer checking how his dream kitchen project looks like.

The pandemic did not stop many Aussies from planning and designing their dream home projects last year. However, many of them struggled to meet design and construction professionals. On-site consultations were nonviable due to strict community lockdowns and border closures. Those were challenging times, but we are glad that we could serve our customers even at the height of the pandemic. We conducted online design consultations, helped our customers measure their site like a pro, and developed a 3D home design technology that they can use to collaborate with our designers. 

These processes are convenient for our customers and made their journey much easier so we will continue these even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here, we want to help you picture how our 3D home design tool can help you create your dream space and what can happen when you use this technology. 

3D home design technology, 3D home design tool, VR home design, 3D virtual home design

Superdraft’s 3D technology

Superdraft’s 3D technology involves 3D scanning your current home or the property as part of the design and planning phase. Scanning the property in 3D allows your Superdraft designer to get a more accurate measurement of the site. This way, they have a better understanding of the site despite working remotely.

The goal of 3D scanning is to produce a digital twin of your home design where you can walk through, play around with different materials and product selections yourself, and make real-time changes to your home design. 

This is a unique offering as most 3D software can only be controlled by the designer and waiting on updates and changes can be frustrating. Our software allows you the homeowner to experiment with colours, textures, finishes, fixtures and fittings from the comfort of your home. 

Here’s a short video to show you how it works:

Our 3D home design technology is a creative way of presenting what the structure could look like. You can check out every room with a few mouse clicks. To get the ultimate walkthrough experience, view the scene using a VR headset.

Benefits of using Superdraft’s 3D home design tool

Many of our most recent customers find this experience to be rewarding because:

It makes communication and collaboration with your designer easier

With our 3D home design technology, working with Superdraft architects and building designers are less challenging and intimidating for you. This highly visual design tool ensures that you and your designer are on the same page during the planning stage. The easier it is for you to communicate and collaborate with your designer, the more engaged you are in the design process. 

There is no need to stress oneself when reading architectural drawings

Our 3D home design technology allows you to fully understand the design, which is useful if you find it hard to read architectural planning drawings. We had customers who were able to understand the complex architectural features of their projects in just a few seconds of exploring the immersive home tour. They were able to process a tremendous amount of information that may have taken us a  significant amount of time to draw and explain.

It validates the design before proceeding to construction

The ability to validate the home’s design using immersive 3D technology is remarkable. You get to see what the house looks like and confirm the way you imagined it. 

It helps you confidently make design decisions

You can use our 3D home design tech to identify issues in the design as well. You can make design changes in just a few clicks. With our technology, you can get to see what your exterior and interior design looks like with different materials and finishes. You can swap floor tiles and furniture pieces in a matter of seconds. Quick photorealistic rendering like this helps you to make better decisions and eliminates second-guessing. 

They can oversee their project using their mobile devices

Accessibility is another thing to love about our 3D home design tool. You can access yours 24/7 using any internet-connected flatscreen device with a working browser. Throw in a VR headset to completely immerse yourself in your home’s digital twin and experience it in life-like 3D.

3D home design technology, 3D home design tool, VR home design, 3D virtual home design

Is our 3D home design tool right for you?

With uncertainty due to the Covid-19 virus still present, many homeowners still prefer to work with design and construction professionals remotely during the planning phase. 

If you and your family’s health is your priority right now but you can’t miss the opportunity of planning your dream project this year, make use of this tool. This would be a game-changer, especially for first time home builders and renovators who want to be highly engaged in the planning and designing of their dream home during lockdown time.

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