Why a 3D house design is essential for visualising and planning your project

What if there’s a way for you to see and explore your designer’s drawings instead of visualising and imagining it? Would you try it?

If you are building or renovating, knowing how to read your architectural plans is incredibly helpful. 

However, without any training in architecture, understanding these complex architectural drawings would be difficult. It can be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating, and time consuming to study how to read these too.

But, what if there’s a way for you to understand the design even if you don’t know how to read the plans? Would you like to see and explore your designer’s drawings instead of imagining it? 

To save you time and trouble, we have added hyper-realistic 3D design visualisation to our services. You can look around, teleport from one room to another, and understand the design before building it.

Take a test drive

Here is a web-based, digital tour of a small apartment that one of our designers worked on for a real estate agent in Malaysia. 

Here is a similar tour, this time, showing a proposed french provincial house:

These look great when viewed from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone browser but you need to try exploring this using a VR headset. 

With this technology, you get to see what your home looks like before you invest in building it. You get a glimpse of your new home's features and experience your design more accurately.

Eager to find out more? Let's see why you should be making one of these for your project:

Why convert a static 2D floor plan into an interactive 3D virtual tour?

Apart from giving you the opportunity to ‘virtually’ walk around a space and see things with your own eyes, having a 3D virtual tour also allows you to: 

1. Optimise the design and layout

Creating a 3D virtual tour is an ultra modern way to make a mock-up of your designer’s work. Ours come with hyper-realistic detail, so you can see the details of your project vividly before breaking ground. Use it to check everything from furniture placement to colour and material palette. Use it to fix the possible design problems too.

2. Customise the interior and exterior finishes

Having a 3D virtual tour lets you create your unique vision for your future home in a quick, easy, and realistic way. 

When you have it, you are not forced to rely on your designer’s style. You get more involved in the design process. Our 3D virtual tour allows you to customise the interior and exterior finishes of your home. You don’t need to wait until all the work’s done in order to plan the furniture arrangement too. This technology makes the design process super efficient.

3. Save thousands on potential construction changes later on

Gaining a better understanding of the design reduces the number of design revisions, because you are able to pinpoint all the changes you want in one go. 

Having too many revisions is expensive. It wastes valuable time during a project's planning phase — and time is money. Reducing the number of revisions leads to savings, because your designer won’t charge extra fees. It also speeds up the design process, so you can proceed to construction more quickly.

4. Share your 3D Tour with friends and family to get feedback

Our 3D virtual tours are shareable via email and social media, feel free to send yours to your friends and family to get feedback. It is 100% accessible using any flat screen device with a browser and internet connection. It is best viewed using a VR headset; try it in case you own one — it’s a wonderful immersive experience.

5. There’s no more language barrier between you and your designer. 

Unlike reading architectural plans, viewing 3D virtual tours is easier and less confusing. You don’t need to deal with symbols and jargons. You get to experience the design and check if it’s precisely how you want it to be.

Eager to see your project come alive?

Now is the perfect time to convert your static plans into an interactive 3D virtual tour. If you want to get started now, contact us today and schedule a quick call with our 3D artists.

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