13 April 2020

4 Benefits to Building a Split-Level Home

The popular residential architectural style of the 1970s comes back and is more appreciated by homeowners in established, hilly suburbs.
4 Benefits to Building a Split-Level Home

Today’s homeowners who dream of settling in established, hilly suburbs are looking into building split-level homes with stylish, well-planned, and bewildering floor levels. They see past the astonishing designs. They understand the benefits of building a split-level home. 

If you are sharing the same dream, we can help you realise your plans. Here are the benefits of building a split-level home that you should know: 

1) You can enjoy a big home and plenty of space even with limited land

When you decide to build a split-level home, you are building vertically rather than horizontally. Even with a small land, you can build a spacious kitchen, family room, bedroom, home office, or even a personal theatre. 

With proper planning with your designer, you will maximise your property and optimise the use of interior rooms.

Here’s one of our proudest split level home designs located in Little Mountain, QLD:

2) It is more affordable 

When your designer is keen to build to a budget, split-level homes built on a smaller lot can be a lot more affordable to build. 

As designers, we recognise how important your budget is. We work hard to give you your new home’s designs and we want to see you build it. When possible, we want you to save money so you have extra for other things that you thought you couldn’t afford (e.g. a designer furniture, a marble benchtop, a chandelier, etc.)

3) The design gives you more privacy

A lot of homeowners living in small homes complain about the lack of private spaces. Most of the square footage goes to the semi-private areas such as the family room, kitchen, and alfresco. Yes, these are in your home, but these areas are also used by your family, friends, and invited guests. 

Things will be different when you decide to build a split-level home. With a skilled designer on your team, you can fully separate the entertainment areas from the private ones. You can ask your designer to put the common areas on a lower level and open it beautifully to the backyard. A half flight of stairs separates this from the bedrooms, giving each member of the family some peace and quiet when they need to. 

4) It is low-maintenance

As designers, we understand how busy you are on a daily basis, so we want to give you a home that requires minimal upkeep. It is not very expensive to maintain a split-level house, especially when it’s constructed using low-maintenance building materials. All you need to do is give it a fresh coat of paint once it shows any sign of distress such as fading, cracking, chipping, and peeling.


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