4 extremely simple lighting rules that homeowners always forget

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4 Extremely Simple Lighting Rules That Homeowners Always Forget

It is tricky to find the right lighting in every space. Every room and area in the house requires a different lighting scheme. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. You must assess what every room needs. To help you out, we explained three simple lighting rules. Follow these and you will get the most bang for your buck:

How to hang pendant lights

Pendant lights are perfect for illuminating the dining table and the kitchen island. These make the area more inviting. 

To get the best effect, keep 28 to 34 inches of space between the table/counter and the bottom of the pendant light. 

Also, choose your pendant lights wisely. Opt for eye-catching pieces which stand out from the background. Steer clear from overly decorative and loud coloured light fixtures which look distracting and out of the place.

How to layer the lighting 

A lot of homeowners often rely on one kind of light to brighten a room. A strategy like this always makes the room too dark or too bright, and this makes the occupants feel uncomfortable. 

To avoid this, layer your lighting. Give a room multiple sources of light. Combine ambient lights, daylight, task lights, and accent lights. To know the difference between these four, read this blog

Distribute the light evenly in the room to get the best results.

How to hang a statement chandelier

If you want to highlight your home’s stunning high ceilings, go for a statement chandelier. Choose a light fixture that will catch people’s eyes. It must look good as it creates a feeling of relaxation in the room. Hang it at a right height, so you don’t strain your neck while looking at it.

How to match the light fixture with the room

Shopping for the perfect chandelier or pendant light is hard especially if you have no idea which will go perfectly in your home. 

To be safe, choose a light fixture that’s made of materials used to build the room. Go for a style that complements the room where you’ll place it. A light fixture that clashes with the environment will throw the room off-balance.

An expert designer can help you plan your home’s lighting schemes — both interior and exterior. Work with one, and you’ll meet your home’s lighting needs. 

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