4 most popular carport designs in Australia

Are you planning to build a carport? Let’s look at the carport designs that a lot of homeowners dream of having.
carport design

Choosing among popular carport designs requires careful consideration. There’s nothing worse than building a carport and then later realising that the structure sticks out like a sore thumb. Ideally, your carport should look like a natural extension of your home.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide how to choose the best carport design for your house. We’ll also share some of the most popular designs in Australia.

flat roof carport designs

Carport vs. garage

Many people confuse carports with garages, but there are significant differences between the two.

A carport is a covered parking structure that’s designed to protect vehicles from the elements. Aside from this, carports can be used as extra storage space. Garages serve almost the same function, except they’re fully enclosed for better protection and security.

There are a few reasons to choose a carport over a garage. To start, building a carport costs less than building a garage since you don’t have to enclose the space. There’s no need to buy expensive automated garage doors, either.

If you’re curious about the cost of building a custom carport, ask us for a free quote. We can also match you with a skilled building designer or a draftsman who can create personalised designs for you.

aluminium carport designs

Types of carports

Before choosing carport designs, you should first pick the type of carport you prefer. You may choose from the following:

  • Freestanding: Freestanding carports are not attached to any part of the home. If you’re building a freestanding carport, it would be wise to build a covered walkway leading to your house.
  • Attached: An attached carport shares at least one wall with your main house. 
  • Portable: Portable carports are prefabricated and assembled on-site. 

Designer tip: It’s best to have a mudroom in the hallway from your carport. That way, you don’t have to worry about making a mess every time you enter the house after parking your vehicle.

What’s the best carport design for your house?

To ensure that your carport fits your needs and the style of your home, you need to consider the following:

Roofing style: The carport’s roofing style should complement your home’s architectural style. For example, if your house has a gable roof, then it would be wise to choose a carport with a gable roof, as well. 

Colours/materials: The best carport should look like a part of your house, especially if you’re building it as an extension instead of a standalone structure. So, take a good look at your home. Build your carport using the same materials and adapt the dominant exterior designs. 

For example, metal carports look extremely well in modern homes. Meanwhile, wooden carports like the one below are perfect for more traditional houses. 

Size: Naturally, the size of your carport depends on how many cars you want to park under it. Most residential carports fit one to two vehicles. Some people choose to enclose one wall and turn it into a storage shed.

Designer tip: Be conscious of property easements when deciding on the size of your carport. This will limit the size of the structure you are allowed to build.

Walls: Carports can be fully open with just posts on each side for support. However, you can also choose to enclose two sides of your carport for additional protection. If you live in a stormy or snowy area, for example, adding walls to your carport may be a good idea.

Flooring: A carport can have concrete, cobblestone, or gravel flooring. The best and most resilient option would be to pave your carport with concrete.

Ceiling height: The ceiling height of your carport should be based on the height of the vehicles you want to park under it. For example, if you have an SUV or an RV, then you should pick a carport design with sufficient clearance.

freestanding carport

4 carport designs to inspire you

Take a look at the most popular carport designs in the country and see if you can build one of them to look like a natural extension of your home: 

1. Gable carport designs

Gable carports take their name from their roofing design, which features a pitched roof with two sloping sides and a gable at each end. If you build this type of carport using the same roofing materials and paint colour as your existing house, then it will flawlessly fit into the space.

Here, you see a gable carport that fits at least two vehicles and doubles as a shed for the homeowner’s outdoor parties.

gable roof carport

This was created by a Superdraft's building designer. Building your own carport? Click here to get a free quote.

2. One-sided/skillion roof carport designs

Skillion carports feature an inclined roof and a simple design. It suits both small and large homes, but this type of carport is more popular for properties in heritage areas.

Here is a Queenslander home with a skillion roof. Notice how the carport maintains the classic navy blue and white colour scheme to look like a natural extension of the property.

Skillion roof carport

Meanwhile, this traditional yellow brick house has a wooden skillion roof carport on its side. It features the same wooden rafters as the main house.

yellow house with carport

3. Dutch gable carport designs

The Dutch gable carport design suits homes with a pitched roof. It is a very common addition to modern homes in Melbourne and Sydney.

Here, the driveway leads to a Dutch gable carport attached to the house seamlessly. One side leads to the front door whilst a metal gate secures the backyard. 

4. Flat roof carport designs

Flat roof carports are some of the simplest and most practical carports out there. Although they don’t have sloped sides like gable carports, they’re constructed at a slight angle to prevent water from collecting in case of rain. 

As a tip, it’s best to use heavier and more premium materials for flat-roof carports to prevent them from looking cheap and flimsy.

flat roof metal carport

Bonus: Carport roofs with solar panels

If you want a carport that doubles as a sustainable energy source, consider installing a carport with a solar panel roof. This is perfect for those who want an eco-friendly house design.

carport with solar panel roof

Can adding a carport add value to my home?

Yes, as long as the carport design seamlessly blends with the house and if it is constructed properly.

A skilled building designer can help you with a custom-designed carport that looks great, is practical, and can boost the value of your home.

freestanding carport designs

How much are carports to build?

In general, you can spend about $1200 to $2000* for a single-car carport and $3000 to $4000* for a two-car carport, depending on the carport design, the materials used, and the size of the carport. 

To learn how much you need for your carport, ask us for a free quote. We can also match you with a building designer or draftsman who can draw up a custom design for you.

Carport building regulations

Building a carport requires local council approval. Without a permit, you might be forced to pay a fine and tear down the structure in the future.

At Superdraft, we can help you be approved by creating designs that adhere to local building codes and regulations. We’ll also help coordinate with your local council to get the necessary approvals.

metal carport on driveway

Get started on building your carport

Vehicles require adequate protection from the elements. By parking them under a carport, you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, or extreme heat damaging your car. Plus, depending on how you design and build your carport, you can also use it as additional storage space for tools and other items.

At Superdraft, we can match you with a building designer or a draftsman who specialises in creating carport designs that are aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound, and council-approved. We can also help you get council approval for building the structure. Sign up for our award-winning platform now!

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