30 March 2020

4 Most Popular Carport Designs in Australia

Are you planning to build a carport? Let’s look at the carport designs that a lot of homeowners dream of having.
4 Most Popular Carport Designs in Australia

The best carport looks like a part of your house. If you are planning to build a carport in your front yard, take a good look at your home. Build your carport using the same building materials and adapt the dominant exterior designs. If you are unsure about the design, take a look at the most popular carport designs in the country and see if you can build one of them to look like a natural extension of your home: 

Dutch Gable Carport

The Dutch Gable carport design suits homes with a pitched roof. It is a very common addition to modern homes in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Here, the driveway leads to a Dutch Gable carport attached to the house seamlessly. An arched hallway leads to the front door whilst a metal gate secures the backyard. 

Here’s another Dutch Gable carport example: 

We have designers based in Melbourne who can help you design and build a carport in your home. Reach out to us to discuss your project.

Hip Roof Carport

The Hip roof carport looks simple, which is why it works well with both modern and classic Australian house designs. It is most popular in Sydney and Brisbane areas, but you can spot a few mansions in Victoria with this addition. 

Here’s a home with a garage and a separate hip roof carport, which the homeowner can use for guest parking or as a covered outdoor space. 

Gable Carport

Also known as a ‘pitched roof,’ a Gable carport features a roof with two sloping sides and a gable at each end. When designed and built right, this type of carport will look like a natural extension of your home. 

Here, you see a Gable carport that fits at least two vehicles and doubles as a shed for the homeowner’s outdoor parties.

This was created by a Superdraft designer. Building a carport? Click here to get a free quote. 

Skillion Carport

The Skillion carport design features a flat roof and simple design. It suits both small and large homes, but this type of carport is more popular for properties in heritage areas

Here is a brick home with a white Skillion carport leading to a garage. Because the carport is near the entrance, this area doubles as a covered shed that’s perfect for BBQ parties.

Location: 284 Heatherhill Road, Frankston, Vic 3199

Here is a weatherboard home with a flat roof carport, which the homeowner can also use as an outdoor space.

4 Most Popular Carport Designs in Australia

This one doubles as a shed:

Can these carport designs add value to a home?

Yes, as long as the carport design seamlessly blends with the house and if it is constructed properly. 

A skilled designer can help you with a custom-designed carport that looks great, practical, and can boost the value of your home. 

Is building a carport expensive?

There are a lot of factors to consider when designing a carport for a new home or for a renovation project. But in general, building a carport costs less than building a garage. 

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What you can do is work with a designer who can provide you with a design that suits your budget, lifestyle, and needs. This way, you get the most out of every dollar that you will spend.  

In Superdraft, we have designers who focus on carport designs that are aesthetically beautiful, structurally sound, and council approved. Building a carport? Click here to get a free quote. 


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