13 April 2020

4 Reasons to Hire a Designer to Design Your Split Level Home

Do you want a professional to design your split level home?
3 Tips for Building Split Level Homes on a Sloping Block in Perth

In our previous blogs, we have discussed why split level homes are perfect for sloping sites and small lots. But, when you truly want this type of structure to work with the landscape, you should consider hiring a designer to design your split level home. 

Expert designers work and look at the bigger picture, combining the art and science of building design. They visualize how the structure integrates with the environment. They can help you design a home that sits perfectly above the natural angled land. They can help you create unique spaces that turn people’s heads.

3 Tips for Building Split Level Homes on a Sloping Block in Perth

Design your split level home with a designer

If you are the type of person who wants a home that’s unlike anything else, organise an initial consultation with a designer. Plus, they can help you with other important stuff like: 

1. Creating unique exterior and interior room designs

Unlike building cookie cutter split level homes, working with an designer gives you freedom to create a home of your dreams. Tell your designer what building materials you want to use, how you want the house to look like, what you want to feel when you get home, plus other things to complete a design brief

Work closely with your designer during the planning and design stage of the project to make sure your home turns out exactly what you need. 

Expert tip: Talk about creating distinct zones inside the house with your designer. It is ideal to place all the common areas (e.g. family room, dining area, living area, kitchen) on one floor. Then, place all the bedrooms and other private spaces on another. Make sure that bathrooms are accessible on every floor of the house. Zoning your home interiors is practical, and you will find it helpful once you move into your new split-level home.

2. Making the most out of the property

Designers design based on the location, which is why they recommend building split-level homes in small, sloping land. When building in a challenging site like this, it is wiser to build vertically rather than horizontally.  

3. Designing and building to a budget

Furthermore, designers can help you build a split-level home in a more cost-effective way. If you foresee that excavation and building retaining walls will increase construction costs, your designer can help you design a home on stilts. It is a more economical way of building on steep sites because there’s minimal change in land conditions. The money you save can be used to furnish the house. 

4. Maximising the views

Lastly, designers can help you build a split-level home that celebrates its surroundings. Imagine waking up and seeing a stunning view of the mountain or lake in the morning. Picture yourself looking out the window and gazing at the beautiful city skyline. Great designers can visualise all of these while drawing the plans of your new split-level home. They make sure that you will always enjoy the times you spend inside your home sweet home. 

Are split-level homes good or bad investment?

When designed and built properly, a split-level home is a great investment. This could be your forever home, the one grand property that you can pass to your loved ones. 

If you see yourself doing this, it pays to book an appointment with an expert designer.  

Our say

Building on small, sloping sites doesn’t have to be a daunting experience for everyone. Hiring a designer to design your split-level home will turn the challenges into opportunities. You will tailor your new home to your taste, needs, lifestyle, and budget. 

If you need the services on a designer, let us know. We have hundreds of designers located in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Hobart who are ready to help you design your split-level home. Contact us and tell us how your dream home looks like.


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