5 advantages of prefabricated homes

While prefabrication has its flaws, there’s a reason it’s growing in popularity; prefabricated homes have a handful of advantages.
prefabricated home featuring a modular home

Prefabrication is a relatively new way to build structures, and like many new things, you’ll hear mixed opinions about it. What people don’t like about it varies. It ranges from the limited customisation you can do on a module, the space you need to transport portions of your facility, or the potential difficulty in getting a loan for a modular home.

While prefabrication has its flaws, there are reasons why they’re growing in popularity. Now, let’s talk about the handful of advantages of prefabricated homes.

Faster building

Prefabricated homes are factory-built, which allows the construction and foundation work to complete off-site. This strategic and simultaneous construction reduces the project's duration compared to traditional construction. 

Moreover, the traditional house construction process can take more than a year* while prefab house construction takes weeks or up to six (6) months* to complete. Still, various factors affect the construction time of a home, including customisation and the number of rooms.

The faster the construction, the quicker the occupancy rate and return on investment (ROI).

Less project cost

Prefabricated homes are more affordable than traditionally built homes. A controlled environment, like a factory, allows your project to incur fewer costs on materials and storage. Such can also avoid damage and loss of materials.

Building a factory reduces weather risks and delays, workforce and labour costs. It can also save costs if your project is in a less accessible area. The Queensland government benefited from easy building access to remote areas when they provided prefabricated houses for disaster-damaged remote towns in 2011.

Since you can buy your prefab home for a specific price, you won’t be worried about your project going beyond the timeline and budget. Since you already know the total cost, it will be easier to forecast other project expenses, duration, and timeline. 

Better quality control

You may have doubted the safety and protection that a prefab home offers. Prefabricated builders only use equipment they can access inside climate-controlled facilities or factories. This type of equipment ensures the longevity and durability of the materials against specific considerations like wind, the climate in your location, etc.

A high-quality prefabricated home uses precise equipment, methods, plans with exact specifications, and building procedures. They are to address wear and tear, transportation risks, and building codes and standards.

Also, prefabricated homes save you from labour costs and the effort of hiring professionals to work for your project. 

Sustainable methods

Prebuilt homes are on the rise since people opt for sustainable housing and other choices which have lasting effects on the environment.

Prefabricated homes ensure builders are safe throughout construction. A controlled environment provides less risk regarding accidents, weather and other environmental hazards, pilferage, etc. 

Since a prefabricated home model already has built-in construction, materials, and design plans. Resource planning makes it possible to reduce waste and raw materials; savings on vehicles, equipment, and other considerations.

They produce less waste and are therefore energy-efficient and resilient, making them more sustainable and eco-friendly than traditional builds. 

Flexible construction

What’s good about prefabricated homes is that they can be disassembled, relocated, or reused. It consumes less time, money, and effort than building a new one.

If you’re either looking for a prefabricated structure or designing one, get in touch with our team of building designers who can help you find your project. Contact us for consultation and a free quote. 

*The figures indicated above are estimates only and are subject to change.

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