5 Australian house plans and ideas for select home styles

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armadale renovation by superdraft

Are you looking for Australian house plans online to serve as an inspiration for your home renovation? Look no further! Here is our curated selection of house plans for each popular home style built in Australia today. We also included the layouts and site plans and essential advice on what to consider when designing and planning your home’s layout.

Let’s jump right to it!

Australian house plans and home styles

In any renovation or construction, having a house plan (or blueprint to many) is necessary as it bears the detailed scope and scale of the project, and it’s a requirement for council approval. Types of house plans include construction floor plan, site plan, foundation plan, electrical layout, plumbing layout, and internal and external elevations.

Here are some of the Australian house plans and their corresponding styles:

Terraced house (one- and two-storey samples)

terraced two storey house in helena valley

If you’re planning to build or renovate a single-storey terrace house, check out one of our featured house plans for a fantastic residence at Helena Valley, WA, with an area of 296 m².

Aside from a double garage, this proposed house plan has a consistently wide verandah in front of both the first and second floors. This design element dramatically assists in making the space feel larger and more open as it extends the outdoor space. A verandah also helps shade the house from the intense heat of the sun and functions as an extended guest entertainment area.

Superdraft tip: Make sure your verandah is well-designed as it can increase the value of your home up to $25,000*.

Australian house plan for a terraced house in helena valley

Here is the proposed floor plan of the design. If you are planning to build a double-storey terrace home, look at this idea from one of our own. It has an expansive feeling open plan living area. Moreover, upon entry, a large and grand staircase will welcome you with a storage area beneath.

Australian house plan of first floor

Above is the floor plan of the second floor, where it fits five bedrooms, a private study, a gym, and a home theatre. You might notice the ensuite on the far left corner of the layout, connecting to the walk-in robe or WIR on the plan.

site plan for a terraced house in helena valley

In the site plan above, notice that the front porch faces the pool and the outdoor entertainment area. This practical layout will improve the appeal and make an impressive front for your home. 

You might want to incorporate some exciting ideas to decorate your backyard with your optional entertainment area — a pergola, gazebo, patio, etc.

For a one-storey terraced house, here’s one by Superdraft:

one storey terraced farmhouse in 3d by superdraft

If you want a custom-made design but are mindful of the cost, sign up to Superdraft. We can help you match with the right building designer and draftsman to help you create house plans specific to your needs and lifestyle.

Dual occupancy and duplex

Australian house plan for a duplex in earlwood

Duplexes and dual occupancies are fantastic for multigenerational living. Look at this proposed 3D rendered duplex above for Earlwood, NSW with an area of 252 m². This design shows how families can live harmoniously together under one roof. 

Prominent properties, such as the one above, has a ground floor plan like this: 

Australian house plan ground floor of a duplex

Notice that the unit on the left has an office space, compared to the one on the right, which has a lounge. Each design tailors and depends on the families' needs in each duplex. The pool on the rear end of the plan showed that having shared amenities is one of the advantages of a duplex residence.

Australian house plan of a duplex

On the second floor of the plan, observe the verandah designed to overlook the pool below. As mentioned above, the verandah helps extend the outdoor space. Moreover, pergolas are on the terraces of both duplexes to further enjoy the outdoor alfresco experience.

Meanwhile, here’s another example of a proposed duplex design for a property at Labrador, QLD which features a balanced floor plan; with two side-by-side units.

3d rendered duplex house in queensland

Below is the plan for the ground and first floors. Both are almost identical except for the right unit's concrete platform.

Australian house plan of a symmetrical duplex house

Shipping container house

2 bedroom shipping container by Superdraft

If shipping container homes take your fancy, check out this house plan made by Superdraft for a residence in Cook Island, New South Wales. This layout includes everything you would expect from a modern industrial home with a twist of using two (2) 40’ high cube containers on both sides.

Australian house plan in new south wales

The two rooms are located on each container, while the living room and the kitchen are in the open-plan space. Moreover, the outdoor decking uses timber for the flooring and aluminium-framed bifold glass doors for the front and back porches.

The total proposed area is 431.1 m² wherein the total residential space is 288.9 m².

Do you like a container home like this one? Don’t worry about the cost just yet — we can provide you with a free quote.

Acreage house

acreage farmhouse in the countryside

A plan for an acreage home is one of the popular Australian house plans perfect for vast lands purchased in the countryside. This single-storey home plan below, for example. This 392.9 m² cleverly-designed acreage home maximised the space by the additional amenities.

Australian house plan of an acreage home

This 4-bedroom home is complete with a rumpus, lounge, garage, and alfresco space, along with the usual facilities. You may have noticed that the outside area adjoins the rumpus — a perfect idea for families with a knack for gatherings and parties. The said area is at the far back of the subject land, designed for families and guests to enjoy the backyard.

Look at the house plan below. It has an elaborate design that utilises every space possible.

Australian house plan of an acreage home

Meanwhile, here are the 3D views of the house from northeast and southeast angles.

Australian house plan of an acreage home in 3d

What’s good about this house plan is that it has plenty of space inside and out, ample storage space, and an impressive facade.

grand acreage home or mansion

There are double-storey acreage homes too. Some have features that include a wine cellar, relaxation room, open-plan family room, scullery, walk-in pantry, and more.

Tiny or small house

tiny sustainable modular home

Tiny or small houses are dwellings that are 37 to 90 square metres or less, compared to the average area of Australian homes of 240 square metres. These houses became prevalent as more homeowners moved and opted for affordable housing.

Australian house plan of a one storey tiny home

Here is a single-storey tiny house plan which includes an office adjacent to the living room, dining room and kitchen in one room, and a bedroom with a toilet. 

Australian house plan and open plan design of a tiny home

This tiny house has two separate rooms: a bedroom and a bathroom. What’s good about this is the open-plan design for living, dining, and kitchen. Getting rid of the walls is a great idea for small spaces such as this to ease movement in the house, and improve good airflow and light. It also makes the area spacious even if it’s just a small space.

open plan design of a tiny home

However, some think that an open-plan design gives a sense of vulnerability since it’s more exposed. What’s fascinating here is that the said area isn’t exposed coming from the door because of the hallway created by the bathroom and toilet space.

Australian house plan of a two storey small house

Here’s a two-storey small house with one bedroom. Adding a second level to a tiny home is a clever idea as it doubles the size of the living quarters. The kitchen, bathroom, and living room are on the ground floor while the bedroom and the office are on the second floor.

two storey tiny house by superdraft

When creating Australian house plans, consider: 

There are many factors to consider when planning the design and layout for your project’s house plans.  We have detailed them all in our previous blog. Below are the most important things to take into account when planning:

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Size of the house 
  • Measurement of the lot
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other interior rooms
  • Special rooms, if any
  • How many levels or storeys
  • How long do you plan to live there
  • Number of occupants
  • You and your family’s lifestyle
  • Pets, if any
  • Views
  • Sunrise and sunset all year round, all seasons
  • The exterior style of your home
  • Room layout and interior design 
  • Ceiling heights and styles – whether you want vaulted or flat
  • Preferred architectural style

How much do Australian house plans cost?

engineers discussing over a house plan

You can actually buy house plans online. These are cheaper and convenient; however, doing so can be a bad idea which we’ve already laid down in our previous article.

You can get an architect to design your house. You can also get a draftsman, too. Both professionals can provide house plans for you if you’re getting council approval. It can range from $3,000 to $15,000* depending on the customisations and the professional/s you’ll hire for the job. 

If you decided to hire a professional, expect that they’ll charge you a certain percentage of the total building cost. If you still don’t have projected or construction costs yet, they can give you a flat rate based on your house size and other incidental expenses.

Superdraft tip: Make sure that the professionals you’ll hire for your project have a good background, experience, and reputation. They are the ones responsible to comply with the local, state, and national regulations. A building certifier, thereafter, will look after the compliance. Private ones cost around $1600 to $2600*, while the cost of a Council certifier is around $400 to 500.*

How can Superdraft help you with your house plans?

If you’re on a budget and currently scouting for affordable rates for your house plans or in any stage of creating your dream home, Superdraft can help. We offer consultation services and provide you with a free estimate to get a clear idea of your project. We use AI matching technology to help you connect with the professional you need — an engineer, a building designer, or a draftsman to help you create house plans that are specific to your needs and lifestyle.

What’s more, you can even design your house through our 3D technology. You can browse through different colours, styles, and products for your home. Get access to our project planning dashboard: sign up today!

*The figures indicated above are estimates only and are subject to change.

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