26 February 2019

5 bathroom renovation blunders to avoid

First time bathroom renovators must be aware of these so they can steer clear away from them.
5 Bathroom Renovation Blunders to Avoid

Are you yearning to update your bathroom, so it looks like the ones you see on Pinterest? If so, then it’s time for a bathroom renovation. It’s one of the most rewarding home improvement projects to do. But, it’s also one of the hardest and most challenging. Many first-time renovators fall into traps which lead to extra costs, delays, and unwanted results.

At Superdraft, we want to make sure you don’t make those rookie mistakes. Here are the most common bathroom renovation blunders — plus several tips on how to avoid them. May these tips help you run your bathroom reno like a PRO! 🙂

Mistake #1: Not preparing a budget

Let’s say you will renovate your entire house and one of the areas that you will update is your bathroom. Many inexperienced renovators won’t prepare a budget per area. They only create a general budget and think that it’s enough. What they don’t know is that this mistake may cause setbacks in the future. We’ve seen renovators who exhausted their budget before they even finished the bathroom.

It is essential to prepare a renovation budget per area too before the work begins. In that way, you will manage the money better. You will avoid subtracting a significant amount of money which you dedicated to a particular area.

When creating your budget, always jot down everything that you will spend money on — all the materials you need plus the services you require.

Don’t forget the contingency budget as well! Secure about 10% of the overall budget, so you have money to pay for unexpected.

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Mistake #2: Updating everything

You don’t need everything to be new. Sometimes, repairing and cleaning the old ones to make them look good as new is enough. Building materials for the bathroom (and other wet areas) don’t come cheap, so replacing everything may cost you more.

Before you go and say YES to a demolition, inspect the bathroom.  Look at the tiles, vanity, bathtub, shower doors, tapware etc. Think twice about replacing things in good condition.

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Mistake #3: Settling for something cheap

Some renovators who decided to replace everything end up using cheap building materials to cut costs. What they didn’t know is that using poor quality building materials is one of the biggest mistakes that renovators make.

When it comes to materials, you MUST buy the best ones that you can afford. These will last longer than the cheap ones.

Also, please don’t hire poor quality trades. Nobody wants dodgy work. Prioritise bathroom design, waterproofing, plumbing, lighting, tiling, and installation of bathroom fixtures.

Mistake #4: Letting the PROs do ALL the work

Some people will argue because they paid for their services. Why not let them do all the work?

The thing is, there are smaller tasks that you can do or manage like cleaning, painting, or styling. Do it when you have the time to do it, and if you’re confident that you can do it. No worries — there are DIY guides and tips available online. You can also get advice from your building designer for free. (Note: A design service is necessary for a bathroom renovation. You want to put together a bathroom that’s ergonomic and beautiful.)

Just imagine the amount of money you can save because you don’t need to outsource cleaning, painting, and styling service. You can add this money to your contingency budget.

Mistake #5: Not creating enough storage

Storage is essential in the bathroom. Build enough of it to keep your bathroom clean, uncluttered, and functional. You don’t want your medicines, towels, cosmetics, toiletries, hairdryers and straighteners just hanging around.

The best way is to ask your designer to create a smart storage system, the ones that provide enough storage but don’t take up too much space. Look into building a custom vanity with drawers, mirrored cabinets, open shelves, towel rails, or wall hooks.

Planning a bathroom renovation soon?

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