5 Characteristics of a Federation Home You’ll Want to Preserve

Planning to renovate your Federation home before soon? Consider restoring these lovely features.
Federation house
'Alba Longa', Federation Queen Anne home, Appian Way, Burwood, New South Wales via WikiCommons

There are five federation styles often seen in the residential areas of Australia. The Federation Bungalow, Arts and Crafts, Filigree, Queen Anne and the Federation Revival. These styles look different but share similar decorative features. So, if you’re planning to renovate your federation home, consider keeping or restoring these features to keep its authenticity (and value). 

Intricate timberwork

Take a good look at the timberwork near the entrance and on the veranda. The first federation homes generally featured symbols of flora and fauna on the timberwork. You’ll see images of the NSW waratah, flannel, Queensland firewheel tree, kangaroo, lyrebird, tendrils and kookaburra. Images of the rising sun and the coat of arms are popular too. This intricate timberwork represents the emergence of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Front verandas

If you ask us, the front veranda is the most important feature of a federation house. This is where the homeowner welcomes the visitors and where people settle down with a cuppa when they want to spend time outdoors. 

It’s crucial to the home’s architecture, which is why designers dress it with a wide range of decorative treatments. Designers use turned columns, square tapered columns, spindle friezes, intricate latticework and ornate balustrades. 

Take a moment to appreciate the massive outdoor space of this Federation Filigree in Neutral Bay, New South Wales:

Complex roof forms

Federation-style homes have a dominant gable or hip roof with decorations. Some homes have exposed rafter ends peeking under the pitched roof too.

Leadlight windows

Original federation homes feature decorative leadlight windows in front entrances, doors, cabinets, bay windows, cabinets and fire screens. These classic beautiful glass displays add historical character to a home.

Stylish gardens

Federation homes look more beautiful when surrounded by lush (and often native) evergreen plants and flowers. Complete the look by building pergolas, gazebos or rose arches. To make the garden more private, use wooden lattice fences. 

For the garden path, use strong paving materials such as tiles and bricks. Lay them in lovely patterns (like herringbone, basket-weave or stretcher bond). Then, fill the other areas with traditional gravel.

Ready to renovate your Federation home?

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