5 kitchen renovation tips from the experts

Our renovation experts give advice on how to avoid making mistakes during a renovation.
kitchen renovation tips

Renovations are exciting, but not easy. You need to prepare and secure your finances. You have so many decisions to make. There are so many things to do and it gets a little overwhelming sometimes. It is easy to make mistakes and end up with a design that doesn’t look or function as expected. You don’t want this to happen. Nobody does. So, we’ll give you the kitchen renovation tips that you’ll need to survive this journey:

Here’s everything you need to know:

Always make practical design decisions

The sad truth is, a lot of homeowners prioritise aesthetics over ergonomics of their kitchen during a renovation. They are busy looking for the right paint colour, benchtop material, taps, and cabinet pulls. They forget the more important part: the kitchen’s workflow and functionality.

Focus more on having practical features so can move around and cook freely in your kitchen. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Take note of the average height of every person in the house so you can get the right benchtop height. The standard 900mm bench height doesn’t fit everybody. Some people and families need higher or lower countertops. (Not everybody has the same height.)
  • Make sure that the location of storage, food preparation, and cooking areas are relevant to one another. The easiest way is to establish a kitchen work triangle.
  • Make sure you have enough distance between the bench and fixtures. You need room to open the doors of your fridge, dishwasher, and cupboards. A 1050-1200mm space between facing benches and fixtures is enough.
  • Always include all the appliances you want to incorporate in your kitchen during planning.
  • Think about how much storage you’ll need and plan how you can get it

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Use a cool, bright light

Good lighting is essential in the kitchen. Without it, you can’t cook, eat, dine, and entertain a bunch of people properly. The vibe won’t be perfect as well.

We recommend using lights that emit warm white with a low-glare. These lights will give your kitchen a cozy and welcoming look. It makes the kitchen a much more enjoyable place.

You may use cool-toned lighting but be careful not to make the kitchen too stark and clinical.

Place lights above the benchtops

You shouldn’t forget to put or hang lights above the benchtops. When you do, you will end up seeing a lot of shadows when you chop, cook, and prepare your food. It is unsafe and impractical.

Install enough lighting in areas where they are needed. Make sure it illuminates the important work zones: the benchtop, sink, food prep, and the range.

Always think long-term

Design trends come out every year and some homeowners fall in love with a trend. It’s okay to follow trends as long as can tolerate it for the next few years and if you’re not about to sell your house.

Understand that trends fade and not all people like it like you do. If you want a kitchen that doesn’t look outdated, follow a simple colour and material palette. Throw the right about of neutrals like white, grey, black, or beige. Pop a striking pattern and colour so it won’t look boring.

Plan it well. Visualise your kitchen design. When you’re happy and satisfied, go ahead and build it.

Make it a shared, social space

The kitchen is still the space for cooking and food preparation, but the space evolved and is not a purely utilitarian space anymore. It is now a space for entertaining people, dining, working, and other social activities.

When planning your kitchen layout, make room for entertainment and function. Plan based on how you and your family will use the kitchen.

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