Top 5 Materials that Kids and Pets Can't Destroy (and 5 that Deface Easily)

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Did your kid or pet ruin a new piece of furniture at home? Have you found those annoying scrapes and bite marks that marred the chair or table? Did they destroy a beautiful couch with awful stains and scratches? If yes, perhaps your furniture isn't kid or pet-friendly. 

Both parents and pet owners relate to this story: spending a lot of time and money on your home design only to see your kid or pet ruin it.

Honestly, it’s a pain in the neck and in the wallet.

Truth is, these scratches and bite marks happen due to boredom. You won’t guarantee that this never gonna happen again even if you provide them with toys which they can wrestle and chew.
Be the smart one—use pieces of furniture made from materials that can survive wear and tear. You can refer to this quick guide:

YES: Leather

The best part about using leather is that you can wipe off accidental spills and dirt easily. You don’t need to worry about the kids’ dirty hands and feet or puppies with muddy paws. If the leather doesn’t fit your budget, try microsuede. Like leather, you can clean this kind of surface using a damp cloth.

However, a leather couch is not recommended for a home with grumpy cats. You don’t want a sofa with kitty scratches on it.

Top 5 Kid and Pet-friendly Materials (and 5 Deface Easily) - Superdraft

NO: Hide Rugs

As shown above, leather and cowhide rugs go well together. It gives a stunning, country feel at home!
However, we don’t recommend using cowhide rugs in high-traffic areas like the kitchen and living room. Food and mud stains ruin this rug completely. The hair of this rug also becomes thin in a matter of months. No to mention—your dog might chew on this because it feels like a rawhide chew.

YES: Concrete landscape

Concrete paving is one of the easiest and cost-efficient outdoor underfoot materials available in the market. You may flush it like this one below so kids can enjoy bikes and plush toys:

Top 5 Kid and Pet-friendly Materials (and 5 Deface Easily) - Superdraft

Or, you can leave a space in between concrete tiles for grass, creating a stylish yet greener path:

Top 5 Kid and Pet-friendly Materials (and 5 Deface Easily) - Superdraft

NO: Gravel

There’s really no harm in using gravel outdoors. It helps prevent garden run-off. The problem comes when kids throw and kick the rocks. It might hit the windows, scratch the floors, or make the garden disorganised.

If you use gravel in your garden, don’t leave the kids unattended. You can also talk to your kids to keep them from playing with these rocks.

pet-friendly materials image1

YES: Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a stunning quartz countertop which looks and feels like granite. The best part? It’s scratch resistant! Home cooks and sous chefs will love this in their kitchen. We suggest doing the waterfall-edge style of kitchen islands to keep dogs from biting, chewing, and scratching the countertops. 

Top 5 Kid and Pet-friendly Materials (and 5 Deface Easily) - Superdraft

NO: Hardwood (negotiable)

Yes, it’s hard to remove something that’s found in the majority of households. Hence, when you have pets and kids, you have to exert an extra effort. Start by not skipping maintenance—resand and reseal your floor and other wooden furniture. Always keep your pet’s nails short and clean up any spilt liquid (especially urine) immediately. These can definitely extend the life of your hardwood floors.

NO: Cedar decking

Cedar decks are stunning but the wood is easily marred by dogs, active children, and snow shovels.

Top 5 Kid and Pet-friendly Materials (and 5 Deface Easily) - Superdraft

YES: Wide-leaved fescue and rye

Yes, you can take advantage of this bunching grass that some homeowners want to get rid of in their garden. This type of grass is strong—it holds on the ground better unlike other species of grass. It’s also resistant to chemicals in the dog’s urine. You don’t need to worry about spotted lawns again!

NO: Synthetic turf or lawn

It’s nice to have a backyard that looks like a mini-golf course. However, faking the lawn is not the solution. Due to overheating, synthetic grass can burn the paws of your dog and can hurt your children’s feet. They won't be able to enjoy a fun summer day with blistering lawn.

If you really like to have artificial turf, keep its area small. Combine it with other landscape pavements like this wooden deck. This way, you can enjoy your outdoor space even if the turf goes hot.

Top 5 Kid and Pet-friendly Materials (and 5 Deface Easily) - Superdraft

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