5 questions you should always ask your designer

Here are a few early-stage questions you should always ask your designer before any work happens.
questions you should always ask your designer

Your building project is a tremendous investment. It demands your money, time, and effort. To ensure your project's success, hire the right architect or building designer. Now, choosing one is not a decision that you should take lightly. Talk to your prospects before you decide. Here are early-stage questions you should always ask your designer before any work happens. These questions will help you find the right architect or building designer for the job.

Have you done a similar project before?

Architects and building designers are skilled and experienced professionals. Feel free to ask for their portfolio. If they don’t have one yet, ask if you can see photos of one or two previous projects that are similar to yours. 

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What is your fee structure? When do you charge extra costs?

It is important to know about your designer’s fees before engaging them. Are they paid per hour? Are the fees percentage-based? Do they ask for a fixed fee? Ask about their fee structure upfront because you need to know if you can afford their services beforehand.

Ask about the situations/instances that they charge extra costs too. You need to know if your prospect architect/building designer is fair to their clients or not. You don’t want to work with someone who takes advantage of you, right? At Superdraft, we understand that the funds for your building project are limited. This is the reason why we value transparency about costs. 

We tell clients about the other expenses that you must prepare for (e.g. fees for consultants like structural engineers, thermal performance assessors, land surveyors, etc). We outline all of these in our quote/proposal, so you know the services that incur extra costs.

We make sure that our quotations are accurate at all times. We quote your project before the design planning stage. If you want, we can help you calculate costs before construction starts. Superdraft provides end-to-end services. We can also help you find the builders who will work on your project.

How can I or we be helpful in the design process? 

It’s the designer’s job to make the design process smooth for their clients. But, designers wouldn’t say no when you offer help. We appreciate that you want to make our jobs easier. 

There are a number of ways that you can help your designer. First, create a mood board: a collection of the home design ideas that you like. It helps us grasp your taste and preferred style. Second, settle the budget with your spouse/partner before you meet the designer. Or, meet your designer together and talk about how much you’re willing to spend during the consultation. It is hard to visualize a plan when there’s no approximate budget in mind. Lastly, cooperation during the design process. We understand it’s hard to, especially when the designer presents you with drawings that are difficult to understand. We solved this in Superdraft. We offer 3D virtual tours that help you visualise your designer’s work. 

What are the immediate concerns that I should know about?

When you sit down with your designer, you should discuss all the possible issues and their immediate concerns on the design. Great designers will not only point out future problems, they also offer tangible solutions to it. 

Who will design my project? How do we communicate? Who can I contact in case something goes wrong?

When you engage huge, national design companies, there is a huge chance that the company will assign one of their design teams to work on your project. Choose a design company who introduces you with an established team. 

For example, at Superdraft, we introduce the designer to you immediately via email. We also have an online project tracker where you can see the stages of your project and monitor the progress. You can also use the system to communicate with your designer regularly. 

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