5 tips to save money on bathroom renovations

Are you looking to renovate your existing bathroom on a budget? Consider following these tips and save money on bathroom renovations
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Are you looking to renovate your existing bathroom on a budget? It's possible. You don't need to spend a lot of money to create a new look. With research and a little creativity, you will come up with a great bathroom design that doesn't break the bank. Here are some tips to save money on bathroom renovations:

Paint the walls instead of tiling them

To cut costs, we highly recommend limiting the use of tiles on your walls. Lay tiles on the floor and on the shower walls only. Use semi-glossy paint that repels moisture. 

Paint is a more budget-friendly option than tiles. It is easier to update in the future as well.

Don't splurge so much on vanities and bathroom fixtures

There are renovators who skimp on bathroom construction essentials so they can afford fancy tapware or other unnecessary frills. 

While this is okay, it’s not really the most economical design move to make.

It won’t save you money in the long run, especially when you used substandard materials to build your bathroom. 

What you can do is invest in good quality materials and try to save money on bathroom fixtures. We highly recommend buying bathroom fixtures on sale. There are a lot of deals that you can find online and on home improvement stores. It's a matter of doing heavy research and price comparisons to get the best deals.

Another thing you can do is to buy directly from the supplier of bathroom fixtures. Homeowners usually spend less when they do this, especially when they catch seasonal warehouse sales. 

If your current bathroom fixtures are in good condition, reuse them. Use the toilet, bathroom sinks, tapware, drying rack, etc. demolish the current bathroom carefully and salvage the items you wish to use again.

You can also repurpose an old table into a vanity. Decorate it, give it a new life, make it good as new before you put it inside your new bathroom. READ: 10 Tips for an Ergonomic Bathroom

Opt for water-saving bathroom fixtures

If you’re renovating your bathroom today, consider having a few green upgrades. Think of the Earth while you build your new bathroom. Be environmentally conscious; choose options that save water like a low-flow toilet and showerheads.

Give your new bathroom a window to brighten it, use LED lights to illuminate the place, and install an energy-star rated exhaust fan to remove the moisture out of the bathroom. 

Lastly, use eco-friendly and sustainable building materials. Purchase green and certified organic products for your bathroom.

Get ready for the renovation

Before the renovation starts, makes sure that you’ve talked to the suppliers. Prepare the schedule and make sure all your orders arrive on time for installation. Having an exact list of products to use and following the construction, timeline saves you time and money. Changes made in the middle of the renovation might cost you more than you’ve planned.

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive

Do you want to get your dream bathroom and save money during the process? Do you want to make an impact because your bathroom has luxurious looking yet affordable designs? READ: Get Rid of These Items that Waste Precious Space in Your Small Bathroom Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, ask help from our Sydney-based building designers.



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