6 headboard design ideas for your next bedroom decor project

Learn how to highlight the star of the bedroom: your cozy, comfy bed
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Choosing a headboard design is one of the most exciting parts of a bedroom renovation and redecoration project. After all, it is the headboard that highlights your bed ⸺ the most important furniture in the room. 

Headboards do more than just a backdrop for your bed. These instantly transform the look and feel of your bedroom! Here are a few headboard design ideas that will deliver whether you want to elevate your space, create your ideal vibe, make it cozy, add more functionality, or pop a beautiful colour to your bedroom:

Place the bed against a joinery

Creating storage is a struggle for most homeowners especially when there isn't much space available in the bedroom. To address the homeowner's need for storage, designers often suggest building a joinery in the bedroom. Take cues from this bedroom design. A multifunctional and space-saving design makes the bed more attractive. Because the storage is near the bed, you have easy access to the things you use daily or frequently.

bedroom headboard

Soft and textured headboard

We place a headboard above the bed to make it look more comfortable. To achieve this vibe, use cushioned and velvet headboards as seen in the bedrooms below. Velvet adds elegance to the design. The texture and tha pattern of the headboard highlight the bed. For better results, coordinate the colour of the headboard and the sheets.

Bring Aesthetics to Your Bedroom with These Six Headboard Ideas!

bedroom headboard

Paint the walls

Take a good look at this bedroom. The interior designer used masking tape to paint these building silhouettes on the walls.

Bring Aesthetics to Your Bedroom with These Six Headboard Ideas!

Panels with intricate designs

If you want a headboard that truly makes a statement, opt for panels with super intricate patterns and use them as your headboard as shown in the bedrooms below:

A design like this is perfect in spacious, minimal, Asian-inspired bedrooms.

Bring Aesthetics to Your Bedroom with These Six Headboard Ideas!

bedroom headboard

Your headboard options are endless. You can buy stuff from the home improvement stores, reuse an old one, or repurpose an unused item in your home as a headboard. Feel free to personalize your own to express taste and style, but always prioritise your comfort. After all, your bedroom is the place where you should relax.

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