28 August 2018

6 Hottest Home Exterior Design Trends in Australia

New trends won’t look obsolete in the upcoming years.
6 Hottest Home Exterior Design Trends in Australia

We always encounter articles featuring the latest interior design trends. On the contrary, we rarely see discussions about the exterior trends. In this blog, we’ll talk about home exterior design trends and how you can incorporate them in your project.


Similar to interior design, the trends influence a home’s exterior design and landscape. Architects and designers draw inspiration from the themes, colours, and finishes which gravitate the most.


Here are the looks that reflect the current design climate:

Multi-textured exteriors

The use of contrasting and self-textured patterns are coming to the forefront. Homeowners find the distinction between two or more surfaces attractive.



  1. Use a matte COLORBOND® steel for the roof and a standard variation for the gutters and trims.
  2. Clad exteriors walls with textured brickwork or blockwork to amplify the look of the render.

Red bricks

A staple in building heritage buildings and suburban homes, these classic building materials also look great in modern architecture. Designers use red clay bricks to heighten the building’s design and its overall kerb appeal today.

Recycled, industrial-styled bricks

An increasing number or renovators recycle bricks from a demolished home or commercial structure. They find the industrial and rugged look appealing.

Don’t know where to source quality recycled bricks? Consider buying new ones that look weathered and distressed.READ: How to Use Recycled Building Materials in Your Home Project

Natural finishes

Aspiring homeowners aged-30 something are interested in home designs that use natural building materials in their raw and authentic look. This age group want modern homes that genuinely reflects nature.



  1. Install timber cladding finished with clear, natural, and light stain. Resist painting exposed wood. Use timber species that age with grace.

READ: How to Use Natural Building Supplies to Get that Earthy Flair

Neutral colours

Because of the richness in texture, neutrals appear more sophisticated. We will see more off-white, beige, grey, and black colours used in residential structures.



  1. Use different materials within one colour palette.

Cohesive kerb appeal

Kerb appeal refers to the overall look of your home from the street. It’s your home exterior design, landscaping, and the outskirts of the property altogether. The key is to design everything as one. All elements must relate to another. The home must fit the landscape and surrounding elements like the fence, shed, water tank, etc.READ: What to DO (and NOT TO DO) When Improving Your Kerb AppealLiked this article? Share them with your friends online! Follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram tooWork with the top-rated building designers in Perth.


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