6 interior design tips for live-in partners and newlyweds

What if you and your significant other have very different design styles? How can you meet halfway?
6 interior design tips for live-in partners and newlyweds

Here in Superdraft, we are no stranger to couples/newlyweds who want to renovate or build a new home to make room for their future family. We have helped over 6000 couples since we started our business in 2015. Based on experience, a couple living together needs to achieve a home and an interior design that they both adore. It is not an easy task because there are two (or more) preferences to take into consideration. 

If you are planning a new house or a renovation with your significant other, take note of these tips. These are crucial to the success of your future project. 

Decide on a budget (this should be your top priority)

Setting the budget is the most important step before planning a new home. Budgeting makes it easier for you and your partner to manage your expenses. You want the work to go as planned without compromising your savings. 

Budgeting also sets the scope of the project. You want to know what you can achieve with this amount of money. If you don’t have a budget in mind, your plan is not solid. You are in danger of overspending on your project. 

Dissect the elements of your ideal designs

Once you have a budget in mind, it’s time to look for design inspiration. 

Let’s say you are on a budget. Go and Google ‘low-cost home designs’. Save the photos of homes and rooms that you and your significant other likes. You can also go to our inspiration gallery and check out the designs you might like. 

After this stage, it is highly recommended to call Superdraft and ask for a designer who can help you consolidate all your design ideas and finalise the design of your new home. 

Here in Superdraft, we are committed to helping couples make their dream homes happen. With us, you don’t have to worry about who’s managing the project. We will do all the stressful work, so you can focus on your day job, business, and your family. 

We’ll recommend a designer, organise all the consultants you need, help you choose a builder, and hook you up with an interior designer. As a project manager, we are here to do the heavy-lifting from the planning, getting approvals, construction, and interior designing ⸺ so you don’t have to worry about these anymore. 

Familiarise yourself with the entire building process here.

Once the builders finish construction, it will be properly turned over to you and the interior designer. 

Ready to decorate and furnish the rooms? Go shopping together

Planning your new home’s interior design can get a bit confusing especially when you and your partner have different/opposing preferences. 

Here’s when an interior designer comes to rescue. 

Once again, show the interior designer the home design ideas you and your partner collected. The designer will analyze your tastes and preferences, then create a concept that you and your partner might like. 

The colour and material palette is one thing that you and your partner should agree on and discuss with your interior designer. It makes the process of furnishing and decorating the house easier, and minimises the purchase of items that do not agree with your tastes.

It is also highly recommended to go on a virtual shopping with your interior designer. Browse home decor and furniture pieces online and discuss every possible purchase before you ‘add to cart’ and check out. 

Mix and match; old and new

It’s therapeutic to shop for new things, but not everything in your new home should be new. You can always reuse furniture pieces that are still in good condition. 

Prioritise the bedroom’s interior design

It is highly recommended to work on the rooms that you and your partner use more often. (e.g. master bedroom and the living room)

The kitchen and the bathroom are usually completed before the interior designer comes in. There is less work to be done here. 

Keep the decor close to your heart

At the end of this, you want a home that looks and feels like it is yours (and not as a display home). 

Add a personal touch when you display family photos, travel mementoes, artworks, and gifts from your partner. 

If your partner is a collector (e.g. toys, antique, vintage stuff), consider displaying some of the most valuable items in the collection.   

Make your home feel special for you and your partner.

For a more detailed process of decorating your home, read our guide for layering interior design styles

Building and decorating a new house together should be a fun and stress-free experience

Here is Superdraft, our goal is to make your home appear more personal and comfortable. You can also visit our gallery to get more interior design inspiration.

If you’re ready to renovate or build a new home, book a FREE in-home consultation with one of our designers today.

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