6 key elements of a lovely modern home that you should know about

If you’re planning to build a modern home, you can’t miss and skip these design elements!
luxury modern home

Modern home designs have indeed seized it’s way to the lifestyle of many Australians. It is a flexible style, and every homeowner can showcase their artistic personalities in their own home.

If you’re seeking to build a home with modern style interiors but not sure how to do it,  read this blog. We discussed all the key elements of a modern home style here, and we hope this helps you assemble your humble abode. 

Let’s begin:

Build using natural building materials    

Showcase Earthy design elements in your modern home. Here, the designer incorporated lots of timber accents in this room. They used wicker furniture indoors and brought colours from nature into play. 

Use neutral and Earthy colours

Colours set the mood in a room, so it's crucial to use the right colour palette. Choose colours which give life to your interior design. Create a colour palette and use the dominant colour in 60% of the space; 30% for the secondary colour; 10% for the accent colour.

In our previous blogs, we discussed the trending paint colours this 2019 and the colour forecast in 2020. Check them out and see if you can find looks you’ll like!

Celebrate asymmetry 

Most people opt for symmetrical, mirrored interiors because it looks more formal and balanced. (e.g. a living room with matching sofas and a coffee table between them). Arrangements like this look great, but if you want to add more visual interest to your home interiors, consider an asymmetrical or informal balance. 

Here’s a room with a consistent colour and material palette but the asymmetrical fireplace was probably the first thing you’ve noticed. The number of chairs on the opposite sides of the coffee table are the same, but there is no exact duplication. Asymmetrical arrangements make any home feel more lived-in and casual. Here’s a laid-back entryway decor with two round mirrors and a console table. It is simple, but it packs a lot of charm.

Give your home access to Mother Nature 

Biophilic design elements are essential in today's modern home designs. To incorporate nature in your home’s design, orient the building properly so it captures daylight, breeze, and views. Work with a designer to get the right window-to-wall ratio and to ensure your home’s overall energy performance.

Incorporate blue and green elements to your design as well. Give your garden and outdoor living spaces some love with landscaping. Add water features such as a pond or fountain as well.

Highlight a focal point

It is essential to establish a focal point in a room. When you arrange the furniture and decorations around it, it will feel more inviting and comfortable. In most cases, the focal point in a room is an architectural feature (e.g. fireplace, window, outdoor view, or joinery). If there are no distinguishing structural features in a place, create one. It can be the:

  • largest furniture in the room
  • most eye-catching painting or sculpture
  • wall painted with a different colour from the rest

The best focal point in a room is either something textured, colourful, interesting to look at, or visually appealing.

Less is more 

Modern homes with simple, spacious, and uncluttered interiors create a strong impact. When you say less is more, it means you minimise the furniture and decorations you put in your home. To do this successfully, focus on function more than aesthetics. Ask yourself whether an item is necessary or not before buying it. When you cling to a piece of furniture or decor which is not needed, it will only add clutter to the room. 

Also, opt for sleek, multipurpose furniture pieces. Bulky furniture tends to restrict a person's movement, especially in small spaces. 

In this home, the designer put together the furniture, decor, accessories, and greenery so well; the area doesn't look crowded. Overall, it looks polished and sophisticated. It is a fuss-free home which improves the way of life. We hope this blog inspired you to create a home you'll love. Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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6 Key Elements of a Lovely Modern Home that You Should Know About

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