23 January 2019

6 Reminders When Designing Small Kitchens and Bathrooms

These expert tips are guaranteed to give you a beautiful and functional space.
6 Design Tricks for Small Kitchens and Bathrooms

Designing small kitchens and bathrooms is tricky. It’s not easy to squeeze everything you need in a tiny space (in an ergonomic way) and make it look stunning.

If you are working with limited space, consider these design tricks from our experts:

Tip 1: Use heavy-duty fixtures.

It’s not wise to scrimp on your countertops and the tapware. Buying substandard materials will only incur extra costs in the future. So, go with durable materials that are not too expensive. 

Tip 2: Follow your home’s colour scheme.

If your residence is small, it’s best to follow one material palette in all areas of the house. Incorporate some of the elements in your kitchen in your bathroom. For instance, you can use white subway tiles in both areas but make sure that there’s a distinction between the two. You can also use a single kind of tapware in both areas. All kitchen and bathroom taps today come in different finishes: chrome, brass, rose gold, copper, matte black.

Tip 3: Waterproof to avoid leaks!

Nobody likes leaks! It’s a recipe for disaster. To avoid it, waterproof the bathroom and kitchen. Your designer and builder can help you deal with it. 

Tip 4: Use uniform and opaque storage.

Open storage only looks nice when organised. However, it takes a lot of effort to keep your storage neat every day. If you don’t want visible clutter, use cabinets with solid, opaque doors. If the streamlined cabinets look lifeless, consider replacing them with tinted glass door fronts. 

Tip 5: Double the size of the area with a mirror.

A wide or a full-body mirror will instantly make a small room bigger. In some cases, it even visually doubles the size of the area.

Tip 6: Try something new.

Explore other building materials. For instance, instead of laying tiles, why not try other materials like stone or concrete. You’ll be surprised by the effect. 

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