6 things that you’ll admire in this kitchen and dining area

We listed everything that makes this kitchen and dining area chic, warm, and inviting.
6 Things that You’ll Admire in this Kitchen and Dining Area

Residential options in cities are limited. Most families choose to live in decent-sized apartments inside unit developments. In this blog, we will show you one unit with a chic design with design elements that you’ll find adorable. Check it out!

1. Herringbone floors

If you want a twist on your hardwood floors, try a herringbone parquet flooring. The pattern is a little staggered in close up, but it elevates the look of this apartment.

2. Streamlined cabinetry

There is only limited space in this apartment, so the designer opted for a one-wall kitchen layout. The homeowner wanted a lot of storage (cupboards and cabinets), which pushed the designer to implement clever designs.

The result is a combination of tall and regular cabinetry. A portion of the kitchen consists of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. On the other half of the kitchen is the countertop sandwiched by upper and lower cabinets. The cabinet fronts are light-coloured timber which pairs well with the parquet floors.

3. Luxury splashback

The homeowner wanted an affordable, low maintenance splashback that stands out from the wooden elements. Hence, the designer used a porcelain slab that looks like marble. The splashback adds a touch of opulence in this humble abode.

4. Scandinavian dining furniture

In Scandinavian style, the furniture pieces are all practical, functional, and stylish. Here, the designer used his favourite minimal and retro dining set. Up close, you see each chair’s unique grain. The dining set possesses a soft sheen that makes it naturally gorgeous.

5. Indoor timber battens

See those long, flat strip of squared wood that encloses the black refrigerator? Yup, those are vertical timber battens. Apart from concealing the side of the fridge, these wooden decor draws the eye up and visually increase ceiling height.

6. Floor-to-ceiling mirror

Beside the timber battens is a frameless wall mirror. It visually expands and doubles the size of the entry. It is also strategically placed near the front door, so the homeowner and visitors can check themselves before they walk out that door.

Designer’s thoughts

This apartment design shows us the beauty of mix and match texture in a room. Here, there’s a wide variety of texture: the rough brick veneer wall, lush velvet living room couch, luxe suede dining chair, natural texture of wood, smooth porcelain, and more. Truly, when it comes to texture, the more the merrier.

What're your thoughts in this apartment design?

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