7 entryway ideas to make your home fabulous and welcoming

An elegant foyer speaks of your home's personality and welcomes your guests. Here are eight entryway ideas to try in your home.
7 Entryway Ideas to Make Your Home Fabulous and Welcoming

First impressions last. If you love having guests in your humble abode, make an effort to make your home more appealing. Start with beautifying your garden and home exterior. Then, create a foyer that will make them say wow. Give them a taste of comfort and warmth, whether your chosen interior styling is modern, classic, or a mix of both. Here are a few entryway ideas you can try: 

Keep it light and bright

Light colour and material palette make your entryway feel more welcoming and spacious. In this chic beach home, there’s an eye-catching navy blue door that opens to a bright white foyer. Lovely hints of blue, green, and terracotta keep the cool white walls from looking plain. And, there’s a sidelight (a stationary narrow vertical window adjacent to the doorway) which brightens the space. 

7 Entryway Ideas to Make Your Home Fabulous and Welcoming

Maximise the view

Do you have a stunning view of your garden? Is your house surrounded by nature’s beauty? Maximise the view when you put a window in your entry.

Set up a simple sitting area

Do you want to make your guests feel serene and relaxed? A simple sitting area like the one featured above is the key! This design allows the elderly or your guests who have traveled far and carried heavy bags or groceries to take a quick rest.  

If you don’t have a spacious entry like the McMansion featured above, simply put a bench in your entry. A simple sitting area like this leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Why Your Home Needs a Stunning Entry

Use plants to beautify the entryway

Do not underestimate the power of plants for these can style up your entryway. Here is an entry with lush green tropical plants: 

Stick to a monochrome palette

If you want to create an elegant and timeless entryway design, stick with a white and black colour palette. Don’t be afraid to use bold building materials. For instance, our Melbourne designers used a reflective door to create a small anteroom in this home:

Layer texture

To add interest to the area, add a textured surface such as this brick wall. This is not a real brick wall, just a textured, stick-on wall veneer. It is a decorative element only. 

Keep it neat and functional

Make the foyer more functional when you add accessories like wall hooks, small chair, bench, rug, floating shelf, console table, shoe rack, mirror, and mail sorter. Keep this area neat and clean too.

People often judge a house the moment they step on the foyer, which is why you need a stunning entry. How do you plan to design yours? Like these entryway ideas? Contact us for a free quote.


Why Your Home Needs a Stunning Entry

How to Make Your Living Room Look and Feel Extravagant


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