7 Finishing Materials Present in Today's Modern Minimalist Homes

Check out the building materials that you can use to build your dream modern minimalist home.

If you don't find all-white and stark interiors, then modern minimalists homes might be your thing. In this style, you infuse interesting texture, colour, detail, pattern, depth, and other contemporary elements into unfussy minimalist spaces. The result? You have a space that looks clean, cozy, and chic.

There is a myriad of materials and finishes that you can experiment with to get the perfect home exterior and interior. Here are our top choices:


One of the first building materials that man used to build homes has a place in a modern minimalist space. It's a staple! It's the element that brings warmth to the room.

Tip: Always purchase legal and sustainable wood. Engineered wood and veneer are great substitutes. Consider recycling wood as well.


Raw, unpainted concrete floors and walls keep a modern minimalist home cool. It also offers a unique, irresistible texture.

Tip: Stuck with drywall? Fake the raw concrete look when you blend two or three shades of grey paint on your wall. 

Recycled Materials

If you're the type of homeowner who cares about the environment, then you probably plan to use recycled materials. Upcycled creations have a room in modern minimalist homes.

Apart from structural support and roofing, use steel sheets as cladding and to add interesting architecture details. Tired of ordinary doors? Opt for steel doors that will make a statement!


Whether it's real brick or just veneer, a brick wall is a great way to add depth, texture, and character to your home.


This is an important element in modern minimalist homes. It's on the windows and doors, it's used as a divider, it's in every room of the house! But glass is also a safety feature. Glass balustrades act as a boundary and keep the stairs and loft safe.


Industry-grade plastic like polycarbonate is a good substitute to translucent corrugated roofing and frosted glass.

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