7 tips before you roll out a home extension project

Want to extend your home upwards or sideways? Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the success of your home extension project.
7 Tips Before You Roll Out a Home Extension Project

Have you outgrown your house, but you don’t want to move? Building an extension and renovating is a great way to update your home. A home extension, when done the right way, can transform your home and your lifestyle. Keep these things in mind to ensure the success of your project and to avoid costly mistakes:

Work with a skilled designer to ensure compliance with the local council and building codes

Compliance with the local council requirements and the building codes should be one of your top priorities when planning for a home extension.

Projects that require council approval vary between councils, so it’s important to check with yours prior to any preparations for the project.

To ensure that your project complies with the council requirements, work with a local building designer near you. For sure they know the regulations and they know the process to obtain council approval. Ask their help to make this tedious process easier for you.

Note: Superdraft guarantees council approval. Partner with a local designer from Superdraft. 

The house below is a work of our Sydney-based designers. It is a perfect example of a cost-efficient project that we have done smoothly.

Opt for designs that adds value to your home

A home extension, when done right, significantly boosts the value of the property. Talk to your building designer about the feasibility of doing projects like these.

Remember, your home extension must increase the value of your property and the amount you plan to spend on this project must not exceed the property’s value.

Note: Calculating your property’s value is tricky to assess without the help of a real estate professional (especially if you’re not planning to sell your home in the future). What you can do is check out the current real estate market and look at the selling prices of similar local properties.

Extending upstairs, downstairs, or sideways?

For many homeowners in the suburbs, a second-storey addition and a ground-floor extension is possible. It’s a matter of choosing one over the other. An expert building designer can help you choose. Read our previous article about second-storey additions versus ground-floor extensions to know about the factors you should consider.

If you own Queenslander, ask your designer about lifting the structure and building underneath. There are a lot of surprising benefits of raising a Queenslander.

Note: Building extra room upstairs and downstairs is not an easy feat. Your designer will need the help of an engineer to ensure structural stability. When you engage Superdraft in your project, you don’t need to worry about looking for an engineer. We will introduce you to one, who is a real expert in your project.

The purpose of the extension

What are the rooms that you plan to build? What are the areas that you plan to extend? Establish this from the beginning so your designer can plan the space effectively.

The rooms that you plan to extend dictate the other factors to keep in mind. Extending the kitchen means rethinking the layout, position of units, storage, ventilation, plumbing, etc. The same goes when you plan to build a new en-suite.

Connecting the old and the new

You know your project is a success when the new extension improved the kerb appeal of the original house. You can design an extension that ‘seamlessly looks like a part of the house’ or ‘beautifully contrasts the main house without overpowering it’.

A skilled designer can help speed the process and help you make wise design decisions.

Note: Extending a heritage house involves a different set of rules. Heritage Overlay aims to highlight the original structure from the newly constructed part of the house. Most designers recommend preserving the original features of the heritage structure and building an ultra modern extension behind or beside it. Be careful because one simple mismatch can be an eyesore.

Work with the best builder for the job

Once the planning, documentation, and approval processes are complete, reach out to reliable builders in your area. You can ask for recommendations from your friends, family and neighbours. Go online and look for reliable builders based on reviews. Then, get a quote from your top choices.

When you decide to work with Superdraft, we will not only help you with the design and drafting. We can also endorse the most suitable builders for your project. We can help you get quotes from them.

Staying put or moving out

It is not mandatory to move out while the extension project is underway, but when the environment is too chaotic, it makes sense to pack your bags and get away from the mess, noise, and dust.

If you have kids and seniors in the family, you should consider moving out. Arrange a temporary accommodation (e.g. rent a home, book a hotel, stay with friends or other family members). Staying put might slow down the progress of the project.

Discuss this situation with your family before construction works begin. And, make sure that this is a part of the budget.

Have a look at these tips from serial renovators. 

Contact our Brisbane-based building designers for more info.



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