8 different types of staircase designs, explained

Here are the different types of stairs that you might consider building in your home. Which shape would you choose for your house?
staircase designs

First-time renovators and home builders should know this: making design decisions is complicated and often confusing. It is true when it comes to designing your staircase. A great designer will help you decide on the ideal staircase designs for your home and will specify the model onto the planning drawings. Today, let’s discuss the different types of stairs according to shape. We also included a few photos so you can show your favourite to your designer.

1. Straight staircase designs

Straight staircases feature a single linear flight for going up and down, transferring from one floor to another.

In this apartment, the designers created straight stairs with custom storage. The steps have a polished timber finish. Take a look:

Straight staircase designs

Straight staircase designs

Straight staircase designs

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2. L-shaped staircase designs

The L-shaped staircase designs feature a quarter turn; 90℃ going left or right after the landing. Here are stairs with timber treads:

L-shaped staircase designs

L-shaped staircase designs

L-shaped staircase designs

3. Winder staircase design

A winder staircase is slightly more complicated than an L-shaped and straight staircase. It features a set of winders or treads at the bottom that are wider than the others — this takes the place of the landing to save space.

Here are two winder staircases, one is timber, and one is glass.

Winder staircase designs

Winder staircase designs

4. U-shaped staircase designs

A U-shaped staircase is one of the most popular types of stairs, perfect for people who adore the basics. Here is a timber staircase with a full U-shape. Similar to the L-shaped staircase, a landing separates the two parallel flights. Here’s a U-shaped staircase made from metal, timber, and glass. Staircase design like this is trendy in modern minimalist homes and villas.

U-shaped staircase designs

5. Spiral staircases

A spiral staircase is compact and space-saving. It is round and sexy when you look at it from above.

While a spiral staircase is tempting to build, always take note that the narrow and wedge-shaped treads are not the easiest to traverse. It might not be ideal for people living with toddlers and senior family members. (Clumsy movements might lead to accidents too.)

Spiral staircase designs

Spiral staircase designs

6. Curved staircase designs

Unlike winder or L-shaped stairs, a curved staircase has no landings. It is continuous; like this timber staircase that follows the bend of the railing. It makes a striking architectural statement.
Curved staircase designs
Curved staircases are perfect inside formal homes for these soften the vibe of the room.
Curved staircase designs

7. Bifurcated staircase

It is the grandest of all staircases — the bifurcated stairs feature one sweeping set of steps that splits off into two smaller flights going in opposite directions.

Remember the iconic Titanic staircase? Here’s a staircase inspired by that movie, but the designer opted to use glass and steel for a more modern feel. 

Bifurcated staircases designs

Bifurcated staircases designs

8. Ladder

Owners of tiny homes and cabins often use ladders to save precious square footage. Here, the occupant climbs a ladder to access the loft area.

wooden ladder

wooden ladder

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