27 March 2020

8 Reasons To Install A Carport On Your Property

Thinking of building a carport in your backyard?
carport safety and maintenance

You might not know it yet, but a carport is a worthy investment even if you haven’t got a car of your own. In our previous blog, we showed you the other ways to use this space. Here, we’ll tell you why you should install them on your property.

It adds additional opportunities to your outdoor space & garden

A garage offers indoor car parking and storage. Without significant renovation works, you can’t convert it into a livable space (e.g., bedroom).

Meanwhile, a carport offers a wide range of uses. It can be enclosed or open, so you can tailor its purpose to whatever you like. Use it as outdoor storage, as shaded part of your garden, as a covered outdoor living and dining space, and more.

It can be a temporary design solution

Because a carport is cheaper to build and maintain, it is an excellent alternative to a garage (for short to medium-term). Homeowners on a budget usually take this route. Once you have the funds to build a garage, demolish or move the carport you previously built.

It is perfect for outdoor parties

If you like holding outdoor parties and BBQs at home, a carport comes in handy. It provides an open and well-ventilated shelter for your guests, protecting them from extreme heat and rain. Use it as a covered patio or a shaded extension of your verandah, where you can enjoy the Australian weather to the fullest.

It is easy to drive in and out

One of the dangers of parking in a garage is hitting something and scratching/damaging your car. It usually happens when it’s dark, foggy, stormy, or snowing. Meanwhile, it is easy to slide your car in and out of a carport because it has no walls.

It provides parking and protection for your guest’s car

If you have a garage, then you’re going to use it for your own vehicle. Not all homeowners have room in their garage where their guests can park their cars.

If your property is big enough, consider building a carport. Your guests can leave their vehicle here so that it won’t feel hot and won’t get battered by heavy rain, hail, or bird droppings.

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Protect your garden from damage

Cars can do a lot of damage to your lawn and plants, especially when you accidentally run over them. Build a carport to keep your car off the garden.

It’s an attractive home feature for renters

If you’re planning to put up your home for rent, building a carport there will attract a lot of potential renters. It is one of the things that renters look for, and it will be nice if you, as the landlord, can provide this so they don’t have to build them.

Add value to your home

A carport secures your car, provides additional storage, serves as an entertainment area, and more. For all those reasons mentioned above, building a carport will create a significant impact on the value of your property. However, to up the value of your property, you need to design and build a carport that complements your home.

Superdraft can help you with custom-designed carports; the ones made from the most durable materials and can handle the tough Australian weather conditions for a long time. Contact us for a free design consultation.


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