9 Things You Need to Build an Aussie Dream Home

Would you like to kit out your property? Check out these things that make an Aussie dream home. You’ll love these!

We like our homes to be beautiful, comfortable, and entertaining. The question is, what else can you add to yours to make it stand out? In this blog, we listed nine design elements that can give your home a unique, quirky appeal. Check them out; one or two of these might complete your dream home design!

Swim-up bar

An entertainment area beside your pool is a must-have. But, if you want something extra cool, consider building a swim-up bar. This feature gives the pool a holiday vibe. People may hang out here instead of going to the sitting area.

Tip: The ledge where you rest your drinks are super important. Make sure that it’s not too high for someone seated on the submerged stools. Make sure that there are no sharp corners here. You don’t want anybody to injure themselves while having fun.

Folding or sliding doors

Seamless indoor-outdoor areas make your living, dining, and entertainment areas more luxurious. To create this, you need massive glazed doors that fold, slide, and stack on the side. Here’s a luxurious family room connected to the deck with sliding doors:


Build a skylight and take advantage of the bright, Australian sun shining above us. Use it to illuminate dim areas of the house.

Tip: Most skylights are custom-made to fit your home. When your skylight fits the home design like a puzzle, the effect is dramatic. 

Indigenous art

Another thing you can do is display Aboriginal art in a modern way. Characterized by their intricate patterns and vibrant colours, these pieces of artwork stand out from a plain background. It’s easy to introduce these, especially in a neutral room in the house. Do not limit yourself with paintings tho. There are a lot of diverse Aboriginal artists out there. Check out those who weave fabrics, do pottery, or sculpt stones. If possible, stick with one style to maintain a coherent flow.


The photo below was taken when we visited a small suburb in New Zealand. (There's a Superdarft branch in NZ). These quirky mailboxes express people's love for nature and the animals around them. How cute is that? 🙂 This is one of those things that you are free to DIY. Let your imagination run wild! Make it stylish. Express humour. Upcycle — turn trash into something useful. Give it a new life and purpose instead of throwing it away.

Outdoor barbecue

Let's face it. The Australian backyard is incomplete without the barbecue. Even apartment owners squeeze one in a balcony. That's how important it is. You're not required to create a built-in barbecue. But if you want to, consider building a complete outdoor kitchen. When there's space for more, build a pizza oven beside the barbecue. Those two will fire up your parties, for sure.

On a budget? Keep the barbecue mobile. Buy one with wheels so you can take it anywhere. Just keep it protected from the rain. Here, the designers folded out and stretched an awning to protect the entire outdoor area, especially the furniture.

Water feature

Adding a water feature like a fountain or a pond is one of the quickest and easiest ways to jazz up your outdoor entertainment area. But, we dare you to think of other ways to do it. Here, a small river flows on top of the outdoor dining table.

Tip: To highlight your water feature at night, adorn it with clever underwater lighting. This will create a dramatic look in the dark.

Ceiling fan

While we enjoy lovely seasons throughout the year, we can't deny the fact that our summer is intense and it makes us sweat even indoors. Ceiling fans cool the room, so we don't feel like melted ice cream. Ceiling fans help circulate the air, which makes airconditioning (and heating) more effective.

For best results, we recommend installing ceiling fans in every livable space in your house. Install them on the roof of your deck or patio too, for they aid in ventilation and keep insects at bay.

Outdoor shower

If you have a pool at home or if you live near the beach, consider building an outdoor shower. It's nice when you can rinse your body with hot and cold water right after a swim. No more bathroom trips… You just go straight to your room to change.

Here, the showerheads are wall-mounted, but you can create one using a standalone shower. Store your soap and shampoo nearby. More importantly, keep this area private. Install enough screens around it or use plants like like what the designers did here:

Tell us

What other things can make your home stand out? Share your ideas in the Comments section below! Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, ask help from our Sydney-based building designers.



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