A guide on building firepits in Australia: tips and design ideas

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firepits Australia

If you love spending time outdoors and want to make your patio or garden more fabulous, a firepit is an excellent home improvement project. A firepit can help you enjoy your patio even during chilly nights. A firepit can make dinners more romantic. Or you can use a firepit for cooking outdoors. These are just some of the best reasons why building firepits in Australia is gaining popularity. This article will show you some of the best firepit building ideas you can explore for your home.  

Rules on building firepits in Australia

One of the challenges that homeowners face when planning home improvement projects is whether or not they need a permit for their project. This issue is compounded by localities’ regulations that may be different from others. 

You don’t need a permit if you want to build a firepit. However, you need to check local council regulations surrounding lighting open fires because you might be violating environmental regulations. 

If you plan to build a firepit, use only dry seasoned wood, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), or natural gas. You can also use a small amount of preparatory gas as a fire starter. Using materials that cause excessive smoke can result in authorities shutting down your firepit. It would be best if you also considered that excessive smoke could harm neighbours with respiratory problems. 

10 best design ideas for building firepits in Australia

Copper firepit

Copper is one of the most popular materials for building firepits in Australia, and for a good reason. Copper is an excellent heat conductor, so you and your guests can enjoy the warmth radiating from your firepit. It’s a great material when it’s chilly, and you want your guests to stay warm. In addition, copper resists rust, so you don’t have to worry about premature damage to your firepit. Copper also has an interesting characteristic. Exposure to a fire creates a unique patina that results in a magnificent-looking firepit. 

firepits Australia

Suspended firepit

If you want to set your firepit apart from the usual on-the-ground firepits, try going for a suspended firepit. This firepit design uses a tripod to keep the actual firepit elevated. You can use many different materials for the actual stand and firepit, like copper, steel, or cast iron. One advantage of this type of firepit is it is easy to move to a different location, unlike an on-the-ground firepit. However, make sure that you don’t position a suspended firepit under a tree with low-hanging branches to avoid fires. 

suspended firepit
image: focus-fireplaces.com

Campfire firepit

This is the most common choice among those building firepits in Australia, but you can choose from various materials to make your firepit unique. Retaining wall blocks and concrete pavers are the most preferred materials because they are cheap and easy to source. They also don’t easily crack from heat so that you can enjoy your firepit longer. 

One option for campfire firepit material is using stones as your retaining wall. You can ask your designer to fashion a wireframe that will hold stones inside as the foundation of your firepit. With the right combination of stones, you can have a fantastic firepit with a wide range of natural colours.

firepits Australia

Firepit with waterfall

This firepit idea is unique because it combines fire and water elements. You can have your building designer develop a plan wherein you have your firepit sitting atop a water waterfall. Another option is to have the waterfall feature directly behind the firepit but be sure that water won’t be splashing on your firepit. The reflection of the fire in the waterfall produces a fantastic play on colours that’s perfect for a romantic dinner. 

You can use any firepit cauldron for your actual firepit but be sure to choose a material that won’t rust easily. For this type of firepit, the ideal fuel is propane because dry seasoned wood may become too cold when surrounded by water, and you might have difficulty starting your firepit. 

image: premierpoolsandspas.com

Geometric firepit

Although circular firepits are the most popular choice when building firepits in Australia, you should not limit your shape choices. You can opt for a geometric firepit and choose your favourite shape. Have a square or diamond-shaped firepit. If you want a firepit shaped like an octagon, then go for it. The only challenge with geometric firepits is arranging your seats around them because circular firepits offer equal distance from the firepit for all your guests. 

octagon firepit
image: Rzonca Construction

Centrepiece firepit

If you love entertaining guests, then a centrepiece firepit is an excellent option. In this firepit design idea, you can create a long and narrow firepit instead of the usual firepit that sits at the centre of a circle. Think of it as the equivalent of a long table during formal dinners. What’s great about this firepit design idea is you can keep more people warm because it has wider coverage. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this type of firepit also uses more fuel than smaller firepits. 

firepits Australia

Sunken firepit

Most firepits sit above the ground, but you can construct a sunken firepit. This is an excellent idea for those building firepits in Australia if they live in a hot and dry area because it reduces the risks of out of control fires. However, if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain, work with an expert designer or draftsman to protect your firepit from rain or flood. If you’re worried about children or pets accidentally getting hurt by a sunken firepit, you can use a glass enclosure to keep your firepit out of reach.  

firepits Australia

Firepit within a pool

This is an excellent luxurious option for building firepits in Australia. If you have a pool and want to make it more interesting, build a firepit on it. This takes the idea from homeowners who build Jacuzzis or hot tubs into their pool but uses firepits instead. The fire from your firepit gets reflected on your pool and will result in interesting reflections. It also gives you a warm oasis to dry off if the water becomes too cold while swimming. 

firepit in a pool
image: Jimi Smith

Cone firepit

If you want to use dry wood for your firepit but are not too fond of inhaling smoke, this is an excellent option. Instead of a flat firepit, you can opt for a conical one with a chimney. The chimney part of the firepit will direct the smoke upwards, so you won’t have to smell it. Most conical firepits are made of metals and moveable, so you can relocate them if you want.

firepits Australia

Smoker firepit

This is the perfect idea for those who love holding barbeque parties because it combines a smoker and a firepit. It will also help save you money because you can have two structures in one, and we all know how expensive smokers can be. Although you can cook food in a firepit, you often get food that tastes weird because of the uneven fire and smoke.  

Other firepit design ideas 


Building firepits in Australia is a popular home improvement project because it adds value to homes and makes for amazing backyard parties. Superdraft can match you to an expert building designer or draftsman if you want a one-of-a-kind firepit. Our designers will make sure that you have a firepit that your family will love. All you have to do is call us today so we can give you a free design quote to get your home improvement project going. 

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