A homeowner's frequently asked questions about building small homes — answered

Here, we share our insights on why smaller homes are better (sometimes) and why you should consider human scale when designing your home.
building small homes

Superdraft is known mostly for our work in residential design. About 75% of the projects we do are private dwellings. Here, we share our insights on why building massive homes are not ideal at all times, highlighting the benefits of building small homes. We also share which are the three most important things to consider when building a home.

Building a big or small home — which one is better?

Building a home in Australia is expensive. Once you figure out your budget, you must identify your priorities immediately. You must know the design features that you need and want especially in the size of your home. 

Size is relative. The ideal size of your home is not more than you need. The process of knowing how much space you need involves a lot of trial and error and testing of the design brief with your designer. 

Most important factors to consider in building small homes

When working on residential projects, our designers always consider the following:

  • Environment. One of our goals is to provide our clients with a sustainable home. We recommend doing a rigorous site analysis. When you do, you can design a home that suits the location.
  • Design brief. It is crucial to create a  thorough design brief during the planning stage. It is key to drive the project towards the right direction. That being said, the design brief needs to be reviewed as the project develops.
  • Human scale. When designing a home, consider the people who are living there. Think of human-centred, user-friendly, and livable designs which suit the homeowner. 

Creating a brief for the project

We previously created a blog about writing an efficient design brief for your project. You can read it here

The best design firms help you make your design brief happen. The best designers know how to stir up the discussion — focusing on the things you need and the way you want to feel in your home. 

Pruning the budget

Budgeting is all about funding your priorities. Whenever our clients get lost and confused about this, we remind them to look back at the design brief. If you don’t want to go way over your budget, consider cutting square metres. Reducing the size of the building will also bring down the expenses. Yes, you can choose a cheaper light fixtures, tiles, etc. but these will only help you a bit.

Investing in technology

Today’s technology aims to make every home high-tech. It’s okay to invest in technologies which makes our daily lives better. 

Are you building small homes?

If you need help in designing your home, contact us.

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