Acreage home designs: what is it, pros and cons, and design ideas to try

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acreage home designs

While some homeowners face the challenge of designing homes with limited space, acreage homeowners face the challenge of having too much space. This article will tell you about some beautiful acreage home designs you can try if you’re planning to renovate. But first, let’s get our definitions in order.

What are acreage homes?

Acreage homes are houses built on private land that’s at least one acre or around four thousand square metres. Due to the size of acreage homes, you will find them in rural areas or outside suburban areas. They often occupy land typically meant for agricultural use.  

acreage home designs

Advantages and disadvantages of acreage homes

Advantages of acreage homes

  • They are spacious – Acreage homes are more spacious than normal Australian homes. With more space at your disposal, you can build a home with all the facilities your family needs. 
  • They have high property value – Acreage homes are more expensive because of the value of the land they sit on. 
  • You can live near nature – This is an ideal home if you love being with nature. You can plant your favourite trees or flowering plants thanks to the large land area. You can also set aside a portion of your property to raise livestock or farm animals. 
  • It can be healthier – Being surrounded by nature and living away from the busy metropolitan areas means you have access to fresh air. You also have a wide swath of land to jog or exercise on to stay fit and healthy.  
huge lot property

Disadvantages of acreage homes

  • They are expensive – It is expensive to buy acreage homes because you need to pay for the large parcel of land where your acreage home sits. Because of the size of the property, it is also expensive to maintain an acreage home as it consumes more water and electricity than smaller homes. 
  • Far from amenities and work – Living in a large property means that you are far from amenities like groceries or commercial centres. You also need to travel a long distance if you work in the suburbs or the city. 

Acreage home design ideas

Tuscan-inspired acreage home

Tuscany is a region in Italy famous for rolling hills, vineyards, and mountains, making it an excellent inspiration for acreage home designs. With the help of a talented building designer, you can renovate your home to make it look like you are living in Tuscany.

Tuscan homes are rustic and sparse, but you can focus your renovations on your house exteriors. This way, your house will have a Tuscan appeal while retaining the modern comforts your family is used to. You can renovate your exterior walls to replicate the crumbling stone walls of Tuscan houses while retaining the strength of its foundations. Tuscan-style homes favour earth tones, so you should choose olive green, ochre, warm red, or deep brown as your exterior colour. 

tuscan home

In keeping with the Tuscan theme, you can replace your roof with terracotta, concrete, or Spanish roof tiles. Tuscan acreage home designs also utilize iron accents on walls, windows, and doors.  

Visit our Inspiration Gallery to check out some home renovation materials that may be ideal for your Tuscan-inspired acreage home. We feature a wide range of Australian brands there.

Luxury lodge

Acreage home designs often make the most out of their proximity to nature, and you can go for a luxury lodge design during renovations. Lodge homes are distinct for the abundant use of wood, and you can start by renovating your floor. Instead of the usual tile floors, use natural hardwood planks. Natural wood floors increase the value of your house because of their durability. They are also warm to walk on, so they’re ideal for the windy and chilly atmosphere typical with rural or acreage homes. 

Lodge-inspired acreage home designs can also incorporate wood elements on their ceilings. Lodge homes have wood ceilings with exposed timber beams, perfect for high-ceiling homes. You can work with an expert building designer or draftsman on how to choose a ceiling design that will showcase wood elements depending on the current type of ceiling you have. You can also install a wrought-iron or copper chandelier in the centre of your ceiling to reinforce your lodge-inspired home.  

luxury lodge house

Energy-efficient house

One of the main disadvantages of acreage home designs is their tendency to consume large amounts of electricity, so it makes sense to renovate your home to make it more energy-efficient. Start by replacing existing doors and windows with energy-efficient alternatives. Energy-efficient doors and windows help keep interior temperatures constant, so there’s no need to use your HVAC systems frequently. 

It would be best if you also explored the possibility of installing solar panels on the roof of your home. Incorporating solar panels into acreage home designs is an excellent idea because acreage homes receive an abundance of sunlight that’s convertible to energy and can help you reduce your utilities. 

modern home in forest

Infinity pool

Adding an infinity pool is an excellent idea if your home sits atop a hill or in an elevated area because the location rewards you with a fantastic view of surrounding areas. The addition of an infinity pool lets you enjoy the surrounding landscape while taking a relaxing dip. Since most acreage homes are situated away from parks and beaches, having an infinity pool gives your family immediate access to a private resort, especially during summer when the sun’s heat can be unforgiving. Install enough lighting fixtures, and your family can enjoy night swims to cool off on hot and humid nights. 

acreage home designs

Luxury firepit

Constructing a luxurious firepit is a fantastic renovation idea that allows you to utilize your spacious yard or garden area fully. It also gives your family an outdoor space for family activities or entertaining guests. 

You can construct a luxurious sitting area around your firepit where you can catch up with family or friends. Instead of arranging chairs around your firepit, go for concrete or marble-paved firepit benches. You can also construct wood benches with cushioned seats or pillows. Be sure to use your firepit correctly to avoid accidentally starting a bushfire that’s common in wide and grassy areas. 

Want to see more design trends? Don’t forget to visit our Trends page. Superdraft features hundreds of design guides from our expert designers that can help you easily plan your home renovation project.

acreage home designs
acreage home designs


One of the disadvantages of acreage homes is their remoteness to commercial areas, and renovating it can make them more functional, so your family has everything they need without travelling to a commercial or urban area. If you want to renovate your acreage home, Superdraft can match you with an excellent building designer to help you develop a feasible renovation plan. With the help of a right  draftsman or building designer, you will have an acreage home that stands out and caters to all your family’s needs. Register to Superdraft today to receive a free design quote so you can start your home renovation project.

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