Adding a breakfast bar? Let’s answer your FAQs and more!

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mother and daughters studying over breakfast

Nope, it’s not the “breakfast bar” you’re thinking of — not the one with nuts and oatmeal with a tinge of cinnamon — no! It’s the bar structure you may consider if you plan to renovate your kitchen.

Indeed, you may have given this one some serious thought. It can really be an invaluable addition to your home as it adds space to your kitchen that your whole family can enjoy.

In this article, we’ll discuss its purposes and design styles. We’ll also answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist if you decide to go for it.

Let’s get started! 

Purposes of a breakfast bar

couple enjoying breakfast

Some may be confused about the difference between a breakfast bar and a kitchen bar counter. Although close to the same, the former has seating while the latter doesn’t. A breakfast bar can also be attached to a counter or wall and is usually higher than bar counters.

It can serve the following purposes for your kitchen renovation:

It can serve as your dining area.

If you’re living in a small space or a tiny home, it’s a given that your space is limited. You may just want to exclude a dining table to save some extra room. That’s why it can be the best choice for your kitchen, as it can serve both as a food preparation area and a dining table.

It can serve as a study or work area.

One of the perks of living alone is situating yourself wherever you wish. If you’re alone in a loft, apartment, or container house, it can be more than just an eating area, it can be a working space, too. Plus, you can customise the width so you can maximise your space.

It can serve as an entertainment area.

You can keep your kids hooked on entertainment while you cook. You might want to install a small TV or give your kids an Ipad while they wait for you to complete household tasks. You may have to choose stools with backs or armrests to keep your kids safe. You can choose many styles and designs from various kitchen bar stools.

It can be a venue for your socials.

You can make use of your breakfast bar for social occasions and you can make it a space where your friends and family can hang out. You can catch up over a pizza and soda while you laugh and bond. 

Whatever your purpose for adding one to your home, you can customise it exactly the way you want. You can hire a local draftsman for this project. Sign up for Superdraft for free, and we’ll match you with a professional in your area. Learn more about our services.

Breakfast bar design styles

Here are a selection of design styles you might want to steal:

  1. Table for two? Here’s a white and wooden minimalist kitchen. A small circular hardwood island is attached to a kitchen bench to add extra dining space.

3d render minimalist white wooden breakfast bar

2. Below is a rectangular counter in Mediterranean style. Originating from Spain, Greece, Italy, and Morocco, this style is warm and pleasant. You may consider putting agaves or herbs like rosemary and lavender to bring a Mediterranean look to your kitchen.

mediterranean breakfast bar set up

3. The image below depicts a rectangular cream, luxurious contemporary modern counter. 

Contemporary modern cream breakfast bar

4. The contemporary modern interior of the kitchen has a wooden pantry door and large counter space. There is a mix of contemporary and modern design, as shown by the flat-front kitchen cabinets and the sleek fixtures.

luxurious contemporary kitchen

5. Next up is a modern Scandinavian design. The photo below is a simple yet stylish take on a Scandi kitchen. It’s clean, airy, and comfortable. It also has a natural palette. 

stylish and minimalist Scandi kitchen

6. Meanwhile, this is a modern take on a Scandinavian design. Look at the wooden stools and flooring of this L-shaped counter.

modern Scandinavian breakfast bar

7. From a statement Hamptons design of Long Island, USA, this beach style is elegantly natural and welcoming, as you can see by the white interior kitchen with cross-back bar stools and polished floorboards.

modern coastal breakfast bar near the window

8. Notice this aqua coloured luxury kitchen. It has a grunge grey counter with wooden panels.

aqua menthe kitchen bar

Want to know more about popular kitchen styles? Read our guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to build one?

Here’s a brief step-by-step guide:

  1. Reach out to a professional who can get the job done. A draftsman's your best choice. They are cheaper and can give you accurate measurements for your project.
  2. Locate the nearest builder. Your drafting professional can refer you to a local builder for your project. 
  3. At this stage, your builder buys the materials and starts with the construction. Choose durable materials for your kitchen. Remember that your kitchen is the most used portion of your home and experiences the day-to-day wear and tear.

2. How much does a breakfast bar cost?

A plainly-designed breakfast bar can cost approximately $200 – $2,300*. This figure is a rough estimate only. If you need an exact figure on how much it will cost, book a free consultation with our Project Coordinators at Superdraft.

3. What is the estimated duration of building one?

It’s easy to install and can take up to two days* depending on modifications. If you’re opting for custom-made, it can take up to five days to a week*. Again, these are rough estimates only. You can refer to our Project Coordinators for an accurate timeline.

4. What are the standard dimensions?

The standard height is 850-1000mm*, while the depths are 300mm*, 450mm*, and 600mm*. Meanwhile, the thickness of it depends on the finish you choose.

You can always opt for a custom-made counter that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

5. What breakfast bar shapes should you consider?

There are different shapes to consider. It can be rectangular, l-shape, t-shape, curved, circular, peninsula, elevated extension, high table, or lowered extension. Ask a professional about a shape that works best for your space.

6. How long should an overhang be?

Since your project has seating, the overhang should be around 15-35 inches*, depending on its size and dimensions. Adding an overhang extends and maximises your counter space.

sleek black modern kitchen with breakfast bar

7. Do you need council approval for a breakfast bar?

Since it’s only a minor internal addition to your home, which won’t necessarily change the structure of your home, you won’t need council approval or a building permit

8. Who can I contact to get one?

There are ready-made breakfast bars you can buy from stores. However, it would be best if you modified it according to specific dimensions for your kitchen. Still, something custom-made is your best option. You can contact a draftsman who'll explain what style and sizes fit in your kitchen.

Allow us to help!

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*The figures indicated above are estimates only and are subject to change.

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