Why staging construction is both a good and bad idea for homeowners

Building a house in stages come is irresistible advantages, but you should know the downsides of making this choice.
Building a House in Stages

It’s frustrating when your project didn’t line up with your budget.  You ask, “what am I going to do now?” Well, there are three things that you can do. You can compromise the design to cut construction costs. You can delay the project. Or, you can stage the construction. The latter options give you more time to secure your finances. It's the decision that most homeowners make. Yet, every project is different. Building a house in stages may or may not work for you.

Here's why:

You might need more money.

Approaching the construction in one go is usually more cost-efficient than building in stages. Hiring a builder and paying for tradespeople multiple times will cost you more at the end of the day.  Worse if your original builder became reluctant to take another small job from you. You have to get another one to continue the work.

Also, creating multiple contracts for various scopes of work is complicated. You need to ensure all these contracts, create a timeline, and establish the completion date for each one.

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Note that the practical completion date is often linked to the contractor’s release of security, operational guarantees, and warranties—depending on what kind of contract is administered. This is all contingent on what you are staging though. The approach is different when you’re staging separate rooms or areas of a house versus staging two townhouses.

On the bright side…

Staging is a great option when you decide to hold the construction of a structure separated from the main build. (i.e. granny flat, carpark, pool). The same applies to an upstairs addition that has access from the backyard.

Ask yourself, 'Can I build this later?', 'Wouldn't this hinder my day-to-day activities?'

When your answer is yes,  staging the construction is the best way for you to complete your dream design.

Life on site is hard.

The building works to affect your life in general. But, situations vary depending on the extent of the project.

You and your family can stay in the house. But, can you live your life and relax with all the construction around you?

When things are too chaotic, you can rent an apartment and temporarily relocate your family. If you stage your project, there's a possibility of renting longer than planned, adding costs to the project. 

Are you staying, or not?

This is a personal choice.

Can you and your family tolerate life inside an incomplete house?

How will you separate the work area from the living areas?

Can you deal with 24/7 amount of dust flying around?

Are you willing to eat take out thrice in a day, every day?

Assess your situation carefully. Get the opinion of the person you're co-deciding with. Think about the safety of your family. Choose what's best for everyone.

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Communicate your concerns to the professionals

Some homeowners rely on what their guts tell them to do. There's nothing wrong with that. Yet, you should consider getting the opinion of the builder and designer you're working with. Ask them situational questions.

'How long it will take to complete the house in one go?'

'How long it will take if I insisted on building a house in stages?'

“Which is better given my situation?”

We are in the service industry. We will provide our professional insights based on your situation. And, we’re happy to suggest the best course of action to take, based on your goals and financial circumstances.

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